Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition question. HELP!

I am discussing the properties of Ryu’s hurricane in CE with another person. I need somebody to verify that Ryu’s HK can go through Fireballs on Champion Edition. He knows that the HK will go through FB on Hyper Fighting, but doesn’t believe they do on CE. I have used the HK to go through FB on CE a million times, but need a third party to confirm. Thanks.

you’re both right.

ok goes like this, Ryu can’t hurriance through slow fireballs his activation invincibilty doesn’t last long enough. He can’t short hurrican through a medium speed fireball, but…

he can forward, roundhouse hurricane through medium fireballs, as well as any hurricane will go through fast fireballs on start-up.

he doesn’t have the height the clear fireballs once he is in motion, unlike alpha 3 where he will get hit by fireballs on huricane activation, but can clear them if he’s far enough in hurricane animation.