Street Fighter 2 Hd Remix



The down load will be available very soon you all ready!!!:looney:


how soon? months? weeks?


It has to be in a couple of weeks because EVO tournament is comming up soon and it was announce for it


Well i thought that down load was comming this week!!! and i dont know why they would promote a fucking arcade game like that with a wack preview!!! its really pissing me off!!! Been waiting for that for like a hot ass min!!! you have to get the beta in the down load Commandor 3 its an arcade down load that was suppose to be available this week i think it might be tomorrow! 5-6-2008


sven from capcom said that they are deciding on what to do. They don’t know if they are going to lunch commando 3 and then wait for a week to put the beta. They are deciding on this so stay tune in the capcom forums for news.


how lame!!! man xbox needs to step it up and get with the program~~ ASAP:bluu:


is it going to be able for download via xbl? like from the market place? I wouldn’t be surprised if the charged 1200 for it. i mean i would proly pay it but just saying.


Well it might be for them to have just a preview of a damn arcade game!!! i mean who the hell does a preview for a live arcade!!!:wtf:


are you talking about the beta or the full game?


Well i thought it was the beta of HD remix but they are hyping up the Arcade game Commando. LIKE WTF haha.


I believe the Beta for STHD will be included with Commando. There’s a Commando preview vid on XBL. And Commando will be released soon. So I don’t think STHD Full Game will be out anytime soon since the Beta is coming soon.

EVO will run ST on a different system if STHD is not released in time.

Noa: yeah it’ll be available on marketplace for purchase when released. Let’s play !


they’re laggin it bad on HD


5-15-08 is the release date for the HD beta i believe!




wait!!! i swear xbox live arcade brings out arcade games on wednesdays
ps3 brings out demos and games on thursdays.
i think thats an ps3 date:sweat:


I think Assault Heroes 2 and Rocketmen are next.
Then Bionic Commando Rearmed.

Commando date is still up in the air I believe.


You guys do know that the beta is only to test server rite or should I say the netcode, to make it better than ggpo. So only ryu and ken are going to be the only ones playable. So you guys had to report all the bugs to capcom in their forums. So we can have the best fighting netcode, that’s what they said.


WELL IT IS JUST THE BETA! i just want to play the damn game!!! enough about the preview on an arcade game!! just put it out already damn!


ign release dates are always wrong


dang!! how lame!!!:annoy:


has anyone got this yet??? anyone know if its lag free???