Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting (oceanside)


Hello guys, I have the SF2HF stand up arcade in my house. So if you guys interested in playing come down and play anytime from Friday-Saturday, EXCEPT during holidays weekends. I don’t spend holidays in my house. Reply if you’re interested, and I’ll message you my address. Food will be available as wll as drinks, so enjoy yourselves and have fun. You’re more tha welcome to sleep over.

Few rules apply:

  1. Respect the house
    2.No drama
    3.No alcohol or drugs
    4.Keep the noise to a minimal
    5.Clean up after yourself


I’m happy to see you trying to get a HF scene going on at your place. Sounds awesome. I don’t live near the SD area, but I know a few friends who are really into ST, and wouldn’t mind playing proper, old-school SF2. If ever I’m in the SD area, I’ll drop you a message, and hopefully get some games in.