Street fighter 2' hyper fighting vs CE/WW, Ken/Ryu Shoryuken motion (Dragon punch)


Has anyone noticed this anywhere?
The Shoryuken / dragon punch is significantly easier to do in HF (and ST) than in CE or WW.
I thought at first this was just because of the speed difference, but I checked in Hyper Street Fighter 2: anniversary edition, and the problem persisted, regardless of speed.
Pick CE Ken, and the DP was a PITA to do. You literally had to be perfectly accurate.
Pick HF Ken, and the DP was brainless. What…
I guess this explains why I could not DP AT ALL at World’s Finest (an old comic/tournament place in pico rivera) but I could DP all day on Hyper fighting and combo with ken like it was going out of style…

it seems like HF (and Super SF2/ST) are far more forgiving for the DP input. In CE, you have to do it exactly like (forward, down, down-forward+P).

Am I correct that HF+ newer ones are more forgiving (or have a larger buffer?) in extra directions being pressed while completing the motion?
There can’t be any other explanation, and no amount of google searching turned up any information on this…


Nope. In fact I tested it once with macros (in AE) and ST’s DPs are harder to do. There might be slight differences between WW/CE and HF but I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it. ST can be random which means even with perfect inputs you won’t get it unless you are within a 12f timing window (IIRC).

I tested it again just now for shits and giggles using my old AA training method:

Spam lows till the CPU jumps, then DP on reaction. Didn’t have any problems with bad inputs using any version of Ryu on Speed II in HSFII.