Street Fighter #2 impressions (spoilers)

Just got mine 30 minutes ago. :smiley:

Chun Li+Eliza+Cammy=hot. Gratuitious Chun Li asscrack shot on the second page. :stuck_out_tongue:

Flash back sequence is interesting. Ryu has the white headband, and Akuma and Gouken duke it out, after Akuma killed their master. I could only make out a shoryuken from the shadows. :frowning:

It’s funny that Bison has a black speech bubble, so that you know it’s him talking.

Chun Li in the second scene with Guile has a nice shirt on, and the spiked bracelet as a necklace is a nice touch.

Ken’s Shinryuken looks amazing, especially with the flames.

Honda got OWNED by Vega. :stuck_out_tongue: He looks really cool with that trenchcoat, and his vain personality is really shown in the comic.

The Sakura cameo shows her without the headband yet, and she sees her first glimpse of Ryu with the picture Vega drops after the fight. Hm.

The Vega/Ken encounter finishes the comic, leading it up to the next one. I can’t wait. ;.;

Only one issue 3 cover is shown at the end, unlike the previous comic that showed all three. It’s a whole page though, and I like it. :slight_smile:

The backup story is basically Chun Li and Cammy kicking the shit out of each other, when Chun Li’s father is abducted. Note the syringe that he’s about to be injected with, and the use of Chinese Kanji that Chun Li and her father use to talk each other at the beginning of the comic. It’s a nice touch.

Okay, how about your guy’s opinions about it? I know you guys got it as soon as you can, right? :slight_smile:

Edit: At the end, there’s an article about the conventions that UDON went to, and an art contest. Also, it looks like they’re asking for assorted fan art/fan mail. This’ll be interesting.

Sakura mentions entering a Hot Dog eating contest, just like the SF Zero Anime!

Unlike said Anime, Ken brings a Dragon Punch for Gouken’s Grave and not Flowers!

Mention of 12 Dolls and Ken winning the US Martial Arts Tourney!

Will the events play out like every SF Hong Kong Comic - Balrog (Ninja) in love w/Eliza trying to steal her from Ken? Even in SF2V this played out with Chun-Li playing the role of the girl.

I wonder when Eliza thought “…” in issue 1 if she realized that Guile was her Brother In-Law?

Maybe, Sakura will watch an old Ryu Video to inspire her to wear the White Headband?

Fan Art Contest! Draw an SF Girl Fighting an SF Guy! Gonna have to miss this one but I’ll participate sooner or later!

Very good issue!

This comic is great. Vega completly OWNED Honda which is perfect.

Vega wont try anything with Ken in the next issue for a couple of reasons. 1)He doesn’t know that Ken is Ryu’s friend and 2) It’s way to early in the story for Vega to be defeated (he doesnt have a chance against Ken).I say Vega is just admiring Ken and Eliza’s beauty.

One thing that i noticed was different is Vega seemed to dislike Cammy. I thought he always had a thing for her.

Did the Ken special foil cover come out today? I didn’t see it at the comic shop.

I think in one of the threads here, there was a post about the Power Foil cover coming out 2 weeks after today.

It’s a love-hate relationship, really. At least from what I can tell in SFA3, I imagine it’s most similar to one of those “I hate you on the outside and am not afraid to show that, but actually like you on the inside” things.

I was FINALLY able to get an issue of the comic (missed #1…TOO hot), and I have to say that I am one step closer to attaining nirvana.


-Sakura saying she’ll fatten up on hot dogs.
-Ryu’s flashback to Gouken vs Akuma.
-Ken dedicating his Shinryuken to Master Gouken.
-Vega schooling E.Honda. :eek:

I love Chun-Li’s spiked cuff necklace in the scene where she’s in Guile’s office; also loved that cute little I.D. of hers.

A great issue, but i did wanted to see that gouken vs akuma fight. About getting pawn that badly by vega doesnt really seem to fit considering we have the #1 sumo wrestler losing to a spainish bull fighter. Atleast give E.Honda a fighting chance by smacking vega once before he goes down. Sakura and Kei actually look great and i didnt like that part where ken brings him the shinryuken instead of flowers, atleast bring both with you ken, what you too poor to buy flowers.:mad:
great comic anywayz

I liked the way that this issue calls attention to the fact Guile completely misses Ryu in the first issue, just because he never took a look at the picture. D’oh!

Great look as always. Kudos for sparing us the gratuitous Sakura upskirt shot after those other nameless panty shots on p. 12 and 13. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Chun Li/ Cammy fight was okay, despite the non-conclusion. I would have liked it more if not for the fact that, aside from the one kick that may or may not have been a Cannon Spike, the fighting was pretty generic.

Fan contest sounds interesting. I’d be interested in seeing what kind of entries come out of it.

One question for UDON: the preview for #2 in SF #1 said “Ryu vs. Ken!”, but I didn’t see any such fight. What happened there? Was that supposed to be Ken whiffing his Shinryuken at Gouken’s grave? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah! Honda shouldn’t lose to Vega! He’s got a 7 to 3 advantage!

I’d like to say that I think that Alvin’s (the main artist right?) the most impressive artist so far. All characters drawn very well, yet again. Motion and fighting style captures the Street Fighter essence. The details were true to form (Cammy nicknamed the Killer Bee while working at Shadaloo following SF Cannon). I liked the reference to the hot dog eating contest as well =b

I think Adam Warren needs to draw his characters (especially girls) with thinner lips. That was something that really bugged me… well that and the fact that Cammy and Chun Li looked like monkeys.

About the arguement that Vega doesn’t know who Ken is, I actually do believe that Vega may know of Ken’s relation to Ryu. Don’t forget the little doo-hickey that Cammy was wearing when she scouted them out in Chinatown while in SF. Notice on the first page the targeting circle does have Ryu, Ken, and Eliza tagged. That feed, you can see, is being relayed to Shadaloo headquarters. There’s a very good bet that Vega did see the video feed. Seeing as how Vega has such an appreciation for beauty, I’m sure he probably noticed Eliza in the feed even if Bison did not. Just my thoughts anyways.

Quote for the day: “Awa-eh?” – Guile

It’s always been a bit confusing for me, but didn’t SSF2 originally have Bison giving Cammy her scar? I realize it got taken out eventually since Cammy has the scar while she’s still with Shadaloo (Alpha series and Xmen vs SF). The canon guide talks a bit about this story gap but doesn’t really offer an explanation.

While still on the topic of Cammy, in Vega and Bison’s conversation they did not specifically say “12” dolls. Seeing as how on the cover with all characters minus SF1 (EX does not count in my view) only Juli and Juni are shown, it makes me wonder if the rest of the dolls will be included. Personally, I think the story between Noembelu and T. Hawk will be quite interesting. Also, I’d really like to see Cammy square off with Decapre!

I’ve read on an online comic shop that Street Fighter is gonna be a six issue series. Does UDON only have an agreement with Capcom or Image Comics to do six issues, and then the contract will be renewed from there if it does well? I’ve noticed that in cover art discussions, nothing is mentioned past issue 5.

There’s no explanation because there isn’t any that I can think of. …which is odd, since you’re right about her saying that Bison scarred her face in SSF2.

Ah, so they don’t specifically say 12 Dolls? Honestly, I think only Juni and Juli will make it. The comic book format doesn’t seem like it has room for twelve Dolls :frowning: The only chance they have of appearing, unless it’s as REALLY brief cameos, is if the comic becomes so profitable and successful that it can afford to spare some space to have them. As it is, judging by the numbers Udon gave, the comic can’t take the risk of wasting pages on characters so vague that they only exist in the actual game that wasn’t even THE SF2 that had more widestream appeal for all of 1.5 seconds.

…no matter how cool they are :frowning:

Udon said it’ll go on for as long as it’s successful. The six issues thing is only for the first story arc.

Street Fighter will continue as long as you guys keeps supporting!

First 6 issue is more like the “Alpha” part, setting up the stage, with main characters like Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, Charlie, etc… with outher appearence of the SF cast.

Issue 6 -12 will be the extended part that is more like the SF 2 timeline, and will introduce the others - Fei Long, T.Hawk, Gen, and also focusing on what happen to “Killer Bee” and how she becomes “Cammy”.

Then after the first year, we have planned a year round “Tournament” arc to wrap up the Shadaloo era.

And if we go that far, year 3 will be SF 3!!!

As I mentioned in another thread about sales, we need about 25 to 30 K in order to survive. I know for a fact that we should at least hit 50K readership. Coz compare to the 100K Transfromer Fan base out there, I am 100% sure that I am not over estimating when I say that SF would have a fan base of more than 1/2 of that!

Together, we can make SF history! I would like to make this comic the longest running SF book ever! And we cannot do it without you guys and girls!

udoneko… I was very satisfied w/ the 2nd comic… though the whole chunli/cammy sidestory threw me off due to the artwork(I thought the even happened wwaaaaaay before the current time, but it was only 6 months[chun and cammy look like kids…])

will karin be in the alpha series or the norm?

Oh yeah, they only mentioned Dolls and not 12 Dolls. Sorry.

Once the comic gets going and develops a Fan Base, maybe they could give the Fans a Dolls One Shot issue, a Limited Series or even just a story for an Annual. I hope at some point they hook TiamatRoar with a Foil Cover and at least a Back Up Story about the Dolls. The man deserves this!

As for me, I’m a Ryu and Chun-Li fan so I’m already happy! Well, I used to like Feilong but when I realized Capcom of Japan did not and due to lack of seeing him in games I kind of forgot about him. Hopefully he’ll get the spotlight for a little while in this comic.

Oh yeah the drawing on cammy and chun was horrible. He had good action scenes but the drawing were kinda whack.

Just saw something about the fanart. I’m sure to do one now.

Er… wow, thanks :sweat:

I wouldn’t expect a backup story on them. From what I see, back-up stories are done by guest artists ‘in their spare time’ for the most part, so I doubt any would be hardcore enough for something like that. 3-4 pages would only make enough room for a cameo. But perhaps I could expect something even better, since they have 15 issues to go before “throw everything away and start on a practically new slate, it’s Street Fighter 3!”. When I think about it, if they really have an arc that focuses mainly on how Cammy goes from Shadaloo to Delta Red, that would probably have them. Considering that Arc 2 seems to be about Fei Long, Dee Jay, Cammy, and Thunder Hawk, we can deduce that: A) there isn’t much you can really do with Fei Long and Dee Jay anyways, so that leaves plenty of room for T. Hawk and Cammy, and B) T. Hawk and Cammy both have Doll relations, so there’s plenty of chance, there.

If Rose doesn’t show up with a big role in this first arc, I’m quite sure she’ll be in the 2nd arc to make up for it. …hey, at this rate, the 2nd arc might be like the SFA3 Doll arc! :cool:

Random: Depending on how much room there is for her in the first arc, Sakura might have a bigger role in the 2nd arc to also introduce Karin (along with Dan and Blanka). …so they could rename it to the fighting teenage girls arc or something, I suppose.

Weeeee, it all can fit in, now that I know that there’s technically still 6 issues of “alpha” left that isn’t based on that whole Ryu Guile Chun arc and it apparently focuses on Cammy’s transition according to Udoneko. But, assuming more than just cameos, now I wonder how they’ll be able to cram in Final Fight somewhere unless that gets an arc of its own, too (albeit, probably a smaller one since FF games aren’t that plot intensive). …now I’m speculating too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic, regarding Issue 2: Vega in Trenchcoat = one of the coolest things ever. In general, he had this whole bad-assedness air about him. Which… is an interesting air for a narcisist character to have. And I liked his Doll rant. But I like anything Doll related :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeesh, Adam’s art style is reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally different from the rest of the comic :eek: Joe Mad’s fit in rather seemlessly, but Adam’s was just so… different. And Chun and Cammy looked so young, even though it was only 6 months ago. Freaky.

Finally read my copy of #2. Great setup for next issue. Remember in the beginning when Bison told Vega he better not mess up? Vega has to recognize Ken, just for the fact that he can’t fail in his mission. If he can take Ken, then he can get to Ryu. Just like in the Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie.

Honda being owned by Vega? I don’t think so. It should have been a little more even match. Honda didn’t get a single shot in. But maybe Honda was to be humiliated for a reason.:wink:

I liked Adam Warren’s back up story. Nothing wrong with the art: That’s the whole point of having a guest artist. He/she comes in to mix things up a little bit. Chun Li looked so sad at the end.:frowning:

Mr. Ko, you guys are doing a great job. I even picked up Sentinel #7 because of Udon’s involvement. Keep it up. I’m trying to get all my friends hooked.:evil:

Maybe Honda will get his revenge. But Vega’s just too fast. :slight_smile:


It was like Krytonite in comparison to the coolness of the rest of the issue. What was up with Chun’s leg in the third panel of the second page???

Otherwise the issue was great and it seems like the changes made so far are for the better.