Street Fighter 2' Picture Comparisons

I was bored so I captured these for old times sake.

I would rank them like this:–

  1. Arcade (Duh)

  2. SNES

  3. TurboGrafx

  4. Genesis

It is cool that the native Arcade resolution is somewhat widescreen. :sweat:

haha its funny how the genesis hightens the contrast to hide the fact that its graphics are low-tier lol the snes one is more cool and the turbografx is trying too hard

the arcade one is just… arcade

WTF? How did you rank TGFX16 above SNES?

Did you look ata anything besides the character sprites? look at ken’s hair, the sky, the airplane, and the ground. Still think TGFX looks better?


Wow the sky on the Genesis version looks like dogshit.

My bias got in the way for so long:sweat:

hugs Champion Edition with unconditional love

This is a thread about Street fighter, but I keep thinking about UN squadron with those pictures.

how well did this play on TG-16? I didn’t even know it existed on that system. I used to have the first SF on it, though.

Is this SF2 or SF2 turbo for the SNES?

Wasn’t SSF2 Turbo available on the 3D0?

At least the Genesis version had the brunettes in the background.

Actually, I looked at the backgrounds and animation more then anything, but you are right the SNES version does look more true to the Arcade one. I was viewing them on a shitty LCD before which was hiding a lot of the flaws of the TGFX version. Even though it has less dithering then the SNES port it does not look as close to the arcade one due to a few details being a miss. Im changing the rankings accordingly.

It played pretty well. Also, this was the JP version of CE.

It is the jp version of SF2:Turbo played in normal mode.

Yes, SSF2 Turbo was available on the 3D0 along with the PC.

Looking back, all the ports were shit. I mean just look at them compared to the Arcade. Goddamn.

On an actual TV with RF switch back in the day, you couldn’t really tell the color difference between Genesis and SNES. The voices were noticably clearer on SNES, and the music was ‘better’, but that was about it.

Anyone who ranked the TJ16 above the Genesis never played the TG16 ver of the game. It is slow, and the sound is horrible. Screen shot doesn’t represent the actual game.

  1. SNES
  2. MegaDrive
  3. TG16

I’m playing the TGFX version right now. Sorry but the sound in CE on TGFX is better then Genesis ver. The Genesis one suffers from a lot of cracking and shit in the sound while the TGFX ver is no way near as bad. Also, the speed and responsiveness of the 6 button pad is on the same level as the Genesis version if not a bit better. If you want to play it on an emu use the MagicEngine one since it is by far the best for the platform.

The only advantage the Genesis ver has over the TGFX is that you can change the speed of the game to match Turbo and beyond.

Wait I think you’re playing the Duo version. I’ll check

Nope, I’m playing the TurboGrafx-16/PCE Street Fighter II Champion Edition. :slight_smile:

I did some more testing of the sound and it?s a mixed bag.

The genesis version wins just for the background music on some of the stages. The TGFX one just sounds less complex in a few of the stages. However, when it comes to the sound effects and announcer I would say TGFX wins hands down. Of course SNES mops the floor with both of them however it lacks the “true” arcade BGM.

Capcom could have traded the amount of colors for larger, more detailed characters on the 16-bit console versions.

I do have to go with the Genesis version, though…

Despite the lack of hardware ability, they did their best to dupe the arcade version.

The music was quite close to the original.
The sound effects/voices were intact, but severely blurry.
Hell, SF2:SCE even had the arcade intro!!!

I never understood why Capcom decided to go with remixed audio for the SNES version… It was horrible.

I thought all the versions of SF in the arcade placed the character names within the lifebars, not under them. Was this only in SF2WW?

only in mortal kombat

uh that was mortal kombat with the names in lifebars. graphically, and soudwise. obviously snes wins. but i thought genesis played better. genesis 6 button pad >>>>>>>>>>>>snes pad. what the genesis versaion lacked in, it also made up for. the game itself is more complete than snes. snes version was always missing moves (shoto close s.forward knee kick IIRC), genesis version had it. announcer announced all the numbers for rog’s TAP. on snes, it only did 1,2,3, and final. same thing on ssf2.

also genesis, while not looking as good as snes, was still a little more true to arcade in some ways with little things. in the picture alone in the link, genesis guile stage has all sprites, tg16 and snes are missing. only issue is that its missaligned, not matching arcade, but still closer. also IIRC, on genesis, ryu’s sky actually scrolls like arcade, snes doesnt and not sure about tg16. then the infamous intro, snes dont have it. also if you are a speed freak, genesis speed was waaaaay faster(go blast processing huhuhuhu). genesis 10stars was like twice as fast as snes. ridiculous.

those are just some of the things i remember off the top of my head. if the digital voices on genesis wouldnt sound like such shit, genesis version would be waaaay better. but damn that shit makes ears bleed. but it plays better IMO. even tho, realistically, all 3 play like utter shit with todays standards.

and some people are confused it seems. genesis special champion edition is hyper fighting, same as snes. as for the name? prolly laziness since the port was initially only champion edition, then they upped it to HF to match with the snes version. tg16 is only CE. 3d0 version is ST

Sabre is spot on about the genesis 6 button pad. The Snes one was like rape on the hands in comparison. I would say it along with the Saturn pad are the best PADS I have ever used for fighting games

Anyone know how many copies of SF2 games sold on the SNES and Genesis? It must have been one of the best selling series of games on those consoles.

my guess: hella lot.

why? because it’s still selling on genesis. HF on genesis TV game ftw.

No screenshots for the SMS version?

Here you go.