Street Fighter 2 Tournament Book

Its not finished yet, but im working on it. Its a very very rough draft. I hope you like it so far. Anayway…enjoy.

The Struggle of Power.htm

anyone like it so far?

Good Storyline you have here. I hope to see the day that this story sees completion.

i updated it, more pages but still just a draft. someday it will be done. the way its going it might be about 15 chapters, ive always wanted to write a book so im not going to stop yet. just cant wait till i get to the final fight, oooo its gonna be good.

Not a problem

Not bad at all. Will the new challengers (Fei Long, Cammy, T. Hawk, Dee Jay) be in it?

no this will only have the original sf2 characters. sorry for the delay, i moved to my new apartment and havnt had the chance to work on it more. ive stelled in now and im going to start on it some more so check back in like 2 days or so ill have more up then.

chapter 7 finished, working on 8. ive been thinking of adding the characters from ssf2 but ill see how it turns out. remember this is a very rough draft so after its done there will be a rewrite.

Just do what you think is best for the story

chapter 8 is done.

Nice work on the story. Can’t wait for Chapter 9

chapter 9 is done.

The Struggle of Power(working title)


Impressive. Great work.

i havnt been writing for a couple of days. my dog died and been sulking but today im alright. gonna get to writing the next chapter tonight and hopefull ill have it done by monday till then check out a video i made

chapter 10 is done. dont forget to check out my video too.…last_battle.htm

chapter 11 up, chapter 12 will be up by the end of the week.

i just read it all! and all i have to say is WONDERFUL!

chapter 12 is up, be sute to check out the video i made above and let me know if you like it.

been away for awhile working, ill put the next chapter up this week sometime and write somemore. sorry about the delay but as you know, shit happens.