Street Fighter 2 Tournament Book

chapter 13 and 14 are up.

chapter 15 is done and up. just a couple more chapters and this book will be finished. then im going to start another one, two, or three. i dont know for sure but id like to write a series that stretches from sf2 to sf3 games. hell i might even write one about sf1, but who knows. all i know is that im enjoying it alot.

the end is very near so im going to be writting alot during the weekend. it definatly will be finished by next weekend(hopefully).

well the draft is finished and up. let me know what you guys think. im really going to try and publish this if i can. im going to look into it.

i hope you have enjoyed it. thanks.The Struggle of Power

Nice work on the story. You have a great deal of talent for writing stories such as the one here.

thanks, im going to writing nother one about the rest of the sf2 series that will cover the games up to sf3.

Hi there,

Just finished reading the 1st Chapter.

First, I’d like to give some props to your effort in writing a close to 50.000 word strong fanfic. Well done.

Subsequently, I’d like to share with you two (what I hope to be)constructive comments. Please don’t be ticked off by those, they are meant to be helpful and improve future work.

  1. Don’t jump between present and past tense prose as much. Especially in the beginning there is too much switching between the two. Unless you specifically intend the switches for stylistic purposes, try to be a little more consistent. With regards to most stylistic tools, consistency is king.

  2. Be aware that a spell-check only picks up typos (as well as obvious grammatic mistakes). It will not pick up on words which are although spelt correctly, are but wrong in the context. Specifically, I refer to your frequent use of the word “there” when, in fact you should have written “their”. There are several cases of this in the very beginning. Consequently, make sure that you re-read (and, if possible, have other people proof-read) your stuff, to ensure that sth. like this does not happen.

In any case, well done and good luck with your future writing endeavours.


its a very rough draft, i havnt gone through it yet. the only tool i used was the auto spell check so that should answer what you have said. no grammer or sentance structure has been improved. I wrote it as it came into my head. there was no planning no outline no nothing(i forgot what style of writing thats called), so of course its gonna be like it is. i knew of the mistakes but i waited until it was completed to go through it all, so as of now im going through it and changing things like you stated.

thanks for the comments i do appreciate them and apply them. thanks again and read the rest, im sure youll like it.