Street Fighter 2 Tournament: the Udon Inteview


I am proud to announce The Street Fighter Blog is conducting a series of interviews during the great Street Fighter 2 Tournament arc.

During this interviews i ask Matt Moylan about all things related the tournament, from match ups to what went behind the scenes at studio udon to bring us the ultimate Street Fighter 2 experience.

Part 1:

Part 2:

More parts are coming on the way.

Please do let us know what you think and what would you like to be covered in the next interviews to come.


Nice interview. Thanks! :tup:


cool, Id like to see more of things like this


Softball, fluffy interview. Were you afraid of making them angry, or something?

You mentioned Dee Jay and Blanka, but you gave them an out. The way they handle characters sucks, but not because they appear too little. It’s because they appear less than characters that are not even supposed to be in the story (Cammy’s friends in SF2, Final Fight characters in SF2, SF1 characters and so on).

Next ti****me you make an interview,

a) don’t ask questions we know the answer already
b) don’t be afraid to ask meaningful questions
c) don’t be afraid of pissing them off - worst case scenario, they’ll say "no comment"
d) don’t be a gushin’ fanboy

If you can’t separate your fanboy side from your “reporter” side… cancel the interview. Otherwise, we get this. Something straight out of an official Udon site or the back pages of their own comic.