Street fighter 2 turbo is awsome! but 1 little problem


aside from the glitches.

The cpu is sooooooooo cheap. zangief is probably the hardest cpu chaaracter ever, not counting akuma. he has instant 2 hit dizzy, and he never gets dizzied. i mean he does, but he recovers in the first 10 frames so you have about 1 frame to combo him. his spd takes away 1/3 of your health bar. you’re better off keeping your distance, or his spd will grab you every time.

-CPU has 100% reversal special move/throw rate.

-their damage output is about 30% more. 3 of my fierce hits = about 1 of their jabs. a 3 hit combo from cpu takes about 70% of my health bar. yet my 5 hit super combo does about 1/4 of damage.

-movement prediction, the cpu counters your move or special move by acting in the first frame you input your command.

-you can never tick throw the cpu, set up a meaty attack, or safe jump.

-charge characters never really “charge”, i love how guile can spam sonic booms faster than o.sagat or when he does walking flash kick. YES, HE WALKS FORWARD AND IF YOU JUMP AT HIM HE WILL FLASH KICK YOU. wtf?!

That is just so much bs. why did capcom make this game super hard? all the other street fighters i can beat without a single problem with just 1 credit, even on the hardest setting. sf2t on the other hard, i’m lucky if i get past the first 2 characters. i’ve only beaten this game with 1 credit with 2 characters, dhalsim and o.sagat. with dhalsim the cpu has a funny pattern depending on which input you use. just use normal inputs, for example, if you do a c. strong when ken is knocked down he will immediately wake up into a fierce shoryuken, and causing him to whiff and you can just input a s. fierce or s. roundhouse. from here just rinse and repeat and it’s gg for ken. fei long has a similar pattern, do a foward slide, and he will jump, while he’s in the air you can do a s. (back) foward and rinse and repeat.

With o.sagat just spam tiger shots until they die. the cpu will do one of two things. jump over them, in which can you can do s. fierce, s. RH, or tiger uppercut. if they decide to block, just spam another tiger, until they jump over them or you chip them to death.


I thought the “1 little problem” was not enough people play it.


you also forgot that when the CPU grabs you (eg Blanca, M.Bison), you lose more than half of your lifebar!
Capcom repeated the same cheapness in Vampire Savior. When you played against Demitri on hard in the pre-boss stage, one bite takes away 2/3 of your lifebar!

But all this belongs in “games with cheap CPU” thread


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