Street Fighter 2 Turbo Issue 11

I just picked this up today and I have to say, it was a great issue.

This series has just gotten better as it’s gone along. I feel like the editorial direction has pushed for more to actually happen in each issue and Issue #11 is no different.

The art was solid, but as usual, there are a few panels that needed clarification. The fights were interesting. Akuma is really given a chance for some personality to come through.


Issue #11

[details=Spoiler]Akuma breaks up the fight between Bison and Ryu
Cammy takes advantage of the distraction and assaults the base.
Along with Chun and Guile, the Psycho Drive is destroyed.
Bison attempts to pass his spirit off on Cammy.
Rose stops this.
Bison, powerless is mocked and then destroyed by Akuma.
Akuma and Ryu square off.[/details]

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Just got back from my local comic shop. (huzza for short days due to snow)

Overall Impressions: (being vague to avoid spoilers)
Good setup issue for the final. Lots of stuff ended up going down. The last panel was especially badass and I would kill to see a wallpaper or art print of it.

As for the backup story with Makoto, all I can say is fantastic. Dan shenanigans and I loved the way Makoto dealt with his fireball. :woot: Also, the last panel is a nice tease for the Ibuki mini that’s coming next month.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo Issue 11 Discussion

I absolutly loved this issue. Nice little suprises here and there. I really dont wanna spoil it yet till most of ya’ll read it so drop your thoughts when your ready. Can’t wait till the last issue

This comic is BEAST! not did i enjoy reading this, but i look forward for next issue with great excitement because the page count of the main storyline might be bigger.
Just like Street Fighter issue#6!

Makoto back-up was nice and enjoyable.

Throughout the issue I kept hearing the music that plays while the credits roll in SFA3. Well that and Akuma’s theme. :rofl: Really cool and once again wasn’t expecting things to turn out the way they did! Next issue will be EPIC! :rock:

Loved the Makoto back up story too. Kind of reminded me of Kaoru from the Rurouni Kenshin manga and anime. She kind of starts out the same way Makoto does heh. :cool:

I loved this issue and it made me think a lot about Bison’s state of mind concerning Rose. The way she pretty much stopped him without physically being there left me going “wow…”

Also, props to Udon on sneaking one of his winpose quotes in there of “My psycho power knows no limits”

The backup story made me laugh my head off. Rolling Dan ftw!! and him shouting ihis usual “Faaaathheeeeeerrr!” after getting catapulted through the Dojo ceiling XD.

Cant wait for the last issue, though I hope they make another arc detailing SF2, since this is technically Alpha territory.

Yeah Dhalsim knew Rose played a part in his defeat

That is very true, since he mentioned it before he fought Juni and Juli right?
That something is plaguing his thoughts and Bison was like “How the hell did you know?” Sort of thing.

I’ve been really impressed with the plot.

where can i buy these sf comics? ima try and collect them. only got the 1st street fighter 1-13 and street fighter book vol 1. where can i get these sf2 and legends comics ?

Any comic book store in NY Manhattan or anywhere else should have SF comics. If you want to get them online you can find trade paperbacks here -

Everything is collected in TPBs except for the current arc which will probably be collected once it wraps (1 issue left to go).

To get single issues online there are a ton of places, but Atomic Comics carries SF. Just search for the issue number you are looking for.

thanks alot sano. what does TPB mean tho?

Stands for trade paperback. A book that contains a lot of comic book issues. Collected volumes. The first link I tossed up has those.

I’ve bought all of them so far. I would have bought their “Ultimate Edition” if only they had reprinted it. I’ve grown to like the smaller scale books, but I would have certainly preferred the larger print or even oversized prints had they been available.

Same. I would totally have bought the ultimate editions, unfortunately by the time I found out they existed they were already out of print. :wasted:

Guess I’ll have to wait for the Ultimate edition of this to come out

Sooner or later the regular TPBs collect everything. The fourth SF TPB has all of the mini stories that were not reprinted in 1 - 3. The 4 TPBs put together have the same content as the Ultimate Edition.

Do any of these issues actually show Ken and ryu fighting and an actual victor emerging between the two??

Who beat Ken in the tourney?




He beat Vega and decided that it wasn’t worth risking his life over the tournament with a kid on the way (as the fight with Vega was a death-match from Vega’s point of view). Ken essentially won the fight with a full Ultra combo (got his ass handed to him and inspired one massive attack on Vega). This didn’t really finish off Vega, who attacks Ken after the match was decided. Honda butt-spashes Vega as revenge (for his humiliation like 15 issues earlier) and to keep it as a “Fair” fight.

I thought the moment the tournament started in this series the writing took a nosedive. It was bothersome because the writng had picked up the last two arcs.

This issue was a lot better than last one, though.

Godlike issue. My only complaint was that everything outside Akuma vs Bison was kinda rushed.