Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Old Super Famicon Poster


Hello all.

I am looking for help regarding this image, the only concrete thing I know is that it was created and mainly used for promotional material for Street Fighter 2 Turbo for Japan / Super Famicon.

Here are some pics I found online (It seems there are two versions with different poses by M. Bison, I kinda prefer the second one with his blowing cape)

What is curious though is that the many officially released (US) SF Artbooks haven’t included it (that I know about), and searching in the web yields very few results and very low quality versions.

Does anybody have a good version of it? Also, who is the Artist for this piece? Its painted in a very realistic/Shinkiro like style.



never seen that poster before, sick :tup:
This is all I could find


^Wow, Amazing finds! Thanks a lot!