Street Fighter 2 World Map!


Hmm, odd… They were open as of May 30th of this year.

I had called them up in June, asking hours, and they picked up also. Maybe they have closed since then. I’ll ask around.


Well I may be wrong ^^ I put it on the map, I was reling on there facebook non-used-anymore page.

Recently add to the map some US locations and a Peru location ! I’m sure there is more in South America !


217 locations now !! I guess I’m going to have to register on a lot of forum around the world to keep on.


It has Street Fighter II: Champion Edition only at the moment.


Thanks a lot ! I’ve just edit it !


in Toronto :

Amuse - o - matic (included on your map) has been shut down for a few years now…

I’m pretty sure a Club 300 Bowling place, somewhere has CE. But I’m not sure of the address

and Of course, I have my supergun. But I bring it to different places. Maybe you can mark A&C. I bring it there the most…

Edit: come to think of it, you should mark A&C anyway, they have WW.

Finally, Lovegety, If you’re lucky, has their multi-game cabinet running which has all versions of SF2

I’ll get the addresses for you in a day, if other people haven’t already.


Hello :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip ! I update it all and add these two :slight_smile: I found the addressees.


I can confirm that Funspot in New Hampshire does NOT have any Street Fighter cabs. They do have an MK1 and 2 but no SF.

How did you get the info for some of these places? I see two people I know in my area listed, just curious.


Ho thanks for the information, I remove this right now :frowning: It’s very important for me to set up an accurate map ! So do not hesitate to tell me about closed gamecenters. I found a lot of informations on the net, sorry but I don’t keep any piece of evidence of why I put the dots on the map ^^ It would be a too big list :slight_smile: A lot of US dots came from

What do you mean about ‘I see two people in my area’ ?


No rainbow edition?


I’ve added the map as part of the Strategy and Resources page on the ST Revival site. The list of locations is already amazing and hopefully it can keep growing. :slight_smile:


In Berkeley, CA, you can find one Tataki :slight_smile: It’s in the Thalassa bar.

Thank you so much Kuroppi. It didn’t evolved a lot these last weeks, I’m focussing on professional projects :slight_smile:


Funspot isn’t closed, in fact it’s the largest or second largest arcade in the world, depending on who you ask. It just doesn’t have Street Fighter.

Aurcade makes sense, I asked about the people in my area because they’re my friends but don’t know about SRK or ST Revival so I was curious as to how you found their names. It was on Aurcade.


We have no arcade in Las Vegas anymore but would love to host private gatherings for anyone that wants to play ST when they visit. We have arcade cabinets with ST, HF, HSF2, and a whole bunch of other arcade boards. Feel free to add my name to the map with this FB group link:


Hello Bernie ! You confirm that the bar “Insert Coin(s)” is not opened any more ?

Thanks for the tip and the link to you Vegas community ! I add this to the map right now with the link !


Okay that’s all updated Hanasu ! Thanks again !


Insert Coins is open but is not a place where you can find SF2 competition. Insert Coins is more of a bar/lounge than it is an arcade. If people are looking to play SF2 in Las Vegas, they should contact me.

Thank you for adding this information!


Yep, everytime I travel to Curitiba I meet these guys… Born2SPD and many OCT players.

I can’t provide current information, but I know that Funspot (in New Hampshire) had some SF2(CE?) cabinets some years ago. Many arcade and MAME friends (mainly from TG and MARP) play there in the annual events, usually golden era games.


Bernie, I just add you to the map on Las Vegas !


I live like two hours away and go a few times a year. They don’t have Street Fighter, only Mortal Kombat.