Street Fighter 2 World Map!


I’ve added the map as part of the Strategy and Resources page on the ST Revival site. The list of locations is already amazing and hopefully it can keep growing. :slight_smile:


In Berkeley, CA, you can find one Tataki :slight_smile: It’s in the Thalassa bar.

Thank you so much Kuroppi. It didn’t evolved a lot these last weeks, I’m focussing on professional projects :slight_smile:


Funspot isn’t closed, in fact it’s the largest or second largest arcade in the world, depending on who you ask. It just doesn’t have Street Fighter.

Aurcade makes sense, I asked about the people in my area because they’re my friends but don’t know about SRK or ST Revival so I was curious as to how you found their names. It was on Aurcade.


We have no arcade in Las Vegas anymore but would love to host private gatherings for anyone that wants to play ST when they visit. We have arcade cabinets with ST, HF, HSF2, and a whole bunch of other arcade boards. Feel free to add my name to the map with this FB group link:


Hello Bernie ! You confirm that the bar “Insert Coin(s)” is not opened any more ?

Thanks for the tip and the link to you Vegas community ! I add this to the map right now with the link !


Okay that’s all updated Hanasu ! Thanks again !


Insert Coins is open but is not a place where you can find SF2 competition. Insert Coins is more of a bar/lounge than it is an arcade. If people are looking to play SF2 in Las Vegas, they should contact me.

Thank you for adding this information!


Yep, everytime I travel to Curitiba I meet these guys… Born2SPD and many OCT players.

I can’t provide current information, but I know that Funspot (in New Hampshire) had some SF2(CE?) cabinets some years ago. Many arcade and MAME friends (mainly from TG and MARP) play there in the annual events, usually golden era games.


Bernie, I just add you to the map on Las Vegas !


I live like two hours away and go a few times a year. They don’t have Street Fighter, only Mortal Kombat.


Meltdown in Berlin, Germany:

The place is a bar, esp for RTS games (barcraft).
They have beatemup wednesday, mainly SF4. They told me that they have a XBOX setup all the time with different games, but I don’t know where the info came from that they have HDR (as displayed on the map)? I will check it out some time though.


I don’t remember too Yokai-6 ^^ If you have the ability to check this out, I’ll be glad to edit it :slight_smile: I remember that it’s clearly a RTS games bar but with some fighting games events.


^ that’d be good to know because i am in berlin right now


Still did not have the chance to visit, but you can write to them at
They told me that sometimes they have a Retro-Night, with SNES and SF2 setup.


Don’t know how to edit, maybe it is my tablet browser, duh.

So I visited the place today, they have one Xbox with two SFxT sticks available. As far as I could see, no SF2! SFxT, Marvel 3, SF4. But when I came back, I realized Hdr is downloadable content, not a disc, duh.(Hey, I only play ST!) So of course I did not check out if the game was on the harddisk. But I don’t have high hopes for that. But on the other hand, why would the info get out there at the first place?


Sorry I’m pretty busy right know ! I’ll go on a big update at the end of december ! Thanks for all these last information, I’ll take a look on how to integrate various games on the map without making it unreadable ^^


I have made a complete SSF2:X Cabinet that anyone who wants to can drop by and play with a little heads up (pm on the forum/text me/etc). Happ controls (for now).
I will promote ST anyway I possibly can. I can’t give out my personal address however, but I hope this helps a little, and in fact, my friends run the arcade at the boardwalk, so I suppose that could work since he would let me know if anyone asked about it. It is running a real CPS2 A/B board setup.

Island Fun Arcade
324 Boardwalk Boulevard
Bossier City, LA 71111


Thanks for it !

If you want to be add on the map, just tell me the city you live in, not the exact address, I’ll put your name and a like that can drive people to directy to you !


Awesome! Then just Bossier City, Louisiana!


Ok it will be on the map ^^ Thanks a lot guys ! I hope to see some on you at EVO 2014 :stuck_out_tongue: