Street Fighter 2 World Map!


Bernie, I just add you to the map on Las Vegas !


I live like two hours away and go a few times a year. They don’t have Street Fighter, only Mortal Kombat.


Meltdown in Berlin, Germany:

The place is a bar, esp for RTS games (barcraft).
They have beatemup wednesday, mainly SF4. They told me that they have a XBOX setup all the time with different games, but I don’t know where the info came from that they have HDR (as displayed on the map)? I will check it out some time though.


I don’t remember too Yokai-6 ^^ If you have the ability to check this out, I’ll be glad to edit it :slight_smile: I remember that it’s clearly a RTS games bar but with some fighting games events.


^ that’d be good to know because i am in berlin right now


Still did not have the chance to visit, but you can write to them at
They told me that sometimes they have a Retro-Night, with SNES and SF2 setup.


Don’t know how to edit, maybe it is my tablet browser, duh.

So I visited the place today, they have one Xbox with two SFxT sticks available. As far as I could see, no SF2! SFxT, Marvel 3, SF4. But when I came back, I realized Hdr is downloadable content, not a disc, duh.(Hey, I only play ST!) So of course I did not check out if the game was on the harddisk. But I don’t have high hopes for that. But on the other hand, why would the info get out there at the first place?


Sorry I’m pretty busy right know ! I’ll go on a big update at the end of december ! Thanks for all these last information, I’ll take a look on how to integrate various games on the map without making it unreadable ^^


I have made a complete SSF2:X Cabinet that anyone who wants to can drop by and play with a little heads up (pm on the forum/text me/etc). Happ controls (for now).
I will promote ST anyway I possibly can. I can’t give out my personal address however, but I hope this helps a little, and in fact, my friends run the arcade at the boardwalk, so I suppose that could work since he would let me know if anyone asked about it. It is running a real CPS2 A/B board setup.

Island Fun Arcade
324 Boardwalk Boulevard
Bossier City, LA 71111


Thanks for it !

If you want to be add on the map, just tell me the city you live in, not the exact address, I’ll put your name and a like that can drive people to directy to you !


Awesome! Then just Bossier City, Louisiana!


Ok it will be on the map ^^ Thanks a lot guys ! I hope to see some on you at EVO 2014 :stuck_out_tongue:


The update is on the run, if you have any information, do not hesitate, any kind of venue, event, tourney… :slight_smile:


New update today, including Atlanta (GA), Washington DC, New York City, Bordeaux (FR) and Southampton (UK)


Hi guys ! Looking for information about this link :slight_smile: Thanks !


Not that it matters a whole lot but Denton, TX doesn’t have a Street Fighter machine.
The only game the Wash House laundromat has is some janky-ass quarter gambling machine.


That was a tournament at Next Level in NY.


Small update with Celtic Throwdown in Ireland, some African facebook reference and a Cape Town arcade and France various links updates.


I don’t know if you still update the map, but here in Kansas City, Missouri, the Up/Down Barcade has 2 Champion Edition cabs and a Super Turbo cab and Tapcade has a Champion Edition cab.


Hello MrMelonGod, thank you very much for it ! I will put it on also :slight_smile: