Street Fighter 2 World Map!

in Tacoma, Washington, theres also the B&I Arcade, they have Several versions of SF2, off the top of my head, i remember them having 2 or 3 machines, they prolly had 2 more versions, i cant remember. here’s the full address
8012 S Tacoma Way
Ste 35
Lakewood, WA 98499

Okay, let’s see;


Adres: Selanik Cad. 18/2

( Whole thing in English, just in case:


Adress: Selanik Cad. 18/2
Kızılay – 06420 ANKARA TURKIYE

Phone: 0 312 433 55 73
Fax: 0 312 431 91 78 )

Not sure exactly which version(s) of Street Fighter 2 it has, but I can confirm that it has at least one. There’s another place like that not very far from this one, but I’ll have to check on its status.

Sorry Capt. Meiling but the B&I Amusment is closed here, since the 19 July :frowning: To expensive rent. Thank you whatever for trying to help :slight_smile: !!

Super Sonic, this gamecenter seems to be very big according to pictures I just saw ! Glad to add this point to my map. Do you know if there is some tournament on ST ? Do you have any possibility to check the versions ? I’m looking for it on the web right know. Thanks a lot !

Hey, just a correction with the Czech Republic one.

Hyper Arcade Collision is not a venue, it was a tournament at a place called “ArcadeHry” which is an arcade museum. Tons of arcades, really old pong machine there. And right now, there is no ST cab. There is a SSF2 cab and the buttons/joystick are really bad. However, even though there are people who will play ST with you in Prague, there is no venue, pub nor anything like that where you might have that opportunity. You can either put it there as SSF2 @ ArcadeHry or just delete it, since it’s not an arcade but rather an arcade museum where people can play : )

(This is how it looks inside, just by the way. )

The Artcade
5030 Las Brisas Blvd.
Reno NV, 89523
United States

It’s a combination art gallery/arcade and they’ve got a Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting cabinet.

214 Commercial Row
Reno NV, 89501
United States

This place is going for the whole “bar-cade” aesthetic, but they don’t really pull it off very well. You have to be over 21 years of age just to enter the building so you may not want to include it on the list, but they do have a SF2: Champion Edition cabinet.

Toodles, who’s very well known on the Tech Talk forums here, has a Japanese grand master challenge board in a plain Astro City cab in his apartment in Boise, Idaho. Not sure if that counts. Don’t think there are any cabs in actual arcades in this state, unfortunately. Though, when we meet up to play casuals we call it “Big Damage Arcade”, if you do add it.

You are the fucking man, dude. So much love.

Wait, wait, okay, I still got this.

Mon ami, vous êtes l’homme principale. Un tant d’amour.

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Front paged!

Comtech (Game center) just near Nagoya Station has two ST cabs. There are a few others around my area so I’ll have to check them out to confirm though…

Are there any maps like this for other games? Would be interested in seeing the data.

Thanks Purekun, I modifiy the map, letting on it the ArcadeHry with more info !

2 Hit combo ! Thanks Agent_Jones :slight_smile: I put them both :slight_smile: The artcade seems pretty impressive !

Frenchies are badass Deadfrog haha !

Thank you so much d3v for that front page news ! It surely helps a lot !!

Sorry Just5moreminutes, I don’t specially have time for others fighting games. Maybe a 3.3 map very later ^^ It’s not on schedule for the moment.

Anyway thanks everyone !! That map is huge now !! But I’m sure big surprise like China, Russia, Finland and Brazil are still to come !!

Hey man! No tourneys, sorry. I’ll be sure to check which version(s) of the game they have as soon as I get the chance to go there and will let you know.

Private residence, but I run sessions and tournaments pretty often here in Minneapolis, Minnesota; blast city cab on the japanese ST board. AFAIK, there aren’t really any public ST cabs in the midwest outside of chicago.

Thanks for your help Super Sonic :slight_smile: !!

Thank you TheMrTurttle ! I add a point on Minneapolis with a link to your SRK profil !!

Thanks to everyone who accept to personnaly figure on this map. I never plot accurate position of personal events for a minimum privacy. Do not hesitate to inform me of private sessions and casual tournaments at your home :slight_smile:

You have 8otB, but no link:
Here you go.

Also, UPinball
Philly’s classic arcade.
Info on SOME of their games:


That site, might help you locate some other arcades.


Wow thanks a lot SirMixahLot ! I guess I have a lot of things to look at in that link ! Thanks ! (sorry but UPinball seems to be pretty closed :frowning: )

Hmm, odd… They were open as of May 30th of this year.

I had called them up in June, asking hours, and they picked up also. Maybe they have closed since then. I’ll ask around.

Well I may be wrong ^^ I put it on the map, I was reling on there facebook non-used-anymore page.

Recently add to the map some US locations and a Peru location ! I’m sure there is more in South America !