Street Fighter 2 Zangief players: Sign here if you have moved on from Zangief in SFIV

This isn’t a hate thread or what have you, I just want to see if there’s anyone else out there feeling the way I do about Zangief in SFIV.

So I have been playing SFII ever since I can remember. When Hyper Street Fighter came out I played it consistently on my PS2 and then eventually in the arcades when I found SFII machines. I have loved and played Zangief ever since I learned how to do his 360, which mind you was very difficult for me at the time.

Fast forward to SFIV launch, Zangief is deemed top tier by many. And it shows. EX Green hand getting you out of trouble, SPD still doing good damage in SFIV terms, safe crossups, and a mind blowing lariat.

While I definitely rode the gravy train for the beginning and through a few tournaments, I have given up playing him competitively for now. He’s a whole new character, and in a less fulfilling way to me. I felt pretty good when I could lock down opponents in SFII, and take home some victories with Gief, but in SFIV he has so many options after knocking someone down, that he seems unstoppable.

I guess I’m basically saying that in SFIV he feels a bit to one dimensional to me, and MUCH easier to play. I shouldn’t let that bother me, but he’s not as fun to play as he was in SFII.

Now he’s obviously NOT unstoppable/overpowered, or at least I’d like to think that tournaments are proving this to be true. You still see Balrog/Ryu taking the cake at most tournies. He still has his issues like everyone else. I just wish his game didn’t revolve around the scare factor in this one. Hell, I know him inside and out, and even when I play against him, I’m doing everything I don’t want to do—jumping away after every attempted combo, trying not to stay grounded all the time, afraid to make any real offensive action, etc.

TL;DR — Zangief feels a little unrewarding in SFIV compared to previous games. Fighting through smart zoners is a little too easy, feels one dimensional, changes the whole playing field when facing him, and much easier in general to get inside on your opponent than before.

So, have any of you left Zangief for another character in SFIV due to some of these reasons? Let’s hear some stories!

I go back and forth between zangief and other characters and its primarily because of the “one-dimensional” feeling that you mention. You’re right that when you play as gief or against gief, everyone’s strategies just change. When I get bored of Gief Fighter IV, I’ll play a different character and see if I’m actually good at SF4 or not.

Now I play some Sagat/Akuma for fun. Now when I come back to gief, I feel like I want to do fancy combos that include a s.strong, s.short link lol.

Edit: Ex-hand really does open up worlds for gief in SF4. Would you have preferred if they took away ex-hand’s invincibility in lieu of more damage from normals/spds? I think that I would have been ok with that.

good luck ever gettin in on sagat, dhalsim or seth without EXGH

I’ve talked with a couple very high level players who would like to play Zangief but don’t because it’s too hard to get in in some matchups. In other words, you’re wrong. Gief is not top tier, he has several losing matchups, he can get zoned by competent users of almost every character, and it’s very hard for him to get around the zones put up by 3-4 characters.

New players or players who are used to playing games without competent grapplers (ie 3S, CvS2, Marvel) have trouble dealing with a competent grappler, and that’s why many people freaked out about him at first and why many new or lower level players continue to freak out about him today. Gief is a good character who’s not in the top 5, beats some characters, loses to some characters, and goes kind of even-ish with most of the rest.

Don’t get it confused. If you are good with Zangief, you are good at SF4.

He is still a perfectly legit character and a win is a win. He isn’t as fun as he was in SF2, but then SF series and fighting games in general are way diferent now. But were you really sailing through tourneys? Gief is just the basic grappler, people just complain THAT much that Gief has earned a bad reputation along with the Gief users. The only thing that hasn’t changed is peoples attitude torward losing to Zangief, if anything it is worse now than it used to be. People just mad because they cant abuse dragonpunch like back in the day. But people are still geting jacked by Gief almost 20 years later.

It just seems unrewarding because none of the other SF games were easily accessible in an online mode allowing you to play tons of scrubs that lose to Gief and all complain about how broken he is.

But I do feel you on SF4. It is holding my interest only because it is the newest SF game, but it really doesn’t seem that great to me and I am not too impressed with the cast nor the system. SF4 Dash should be promising. Capcom always does great on their 2nd and 3rd renditions.

This is going to turn into a whining fest… If you can’t play as Gief, move on, it’s as simple as that.

I agree, there are still characters like Seth that give Gief a hell of a time getting through all the zoning, but he still has a better answer for that than he did in SFII when Chun-Li is walling you down with Kikoukens and cr.forward/j.forward! :rofl:

Isn’t Zangief rated like 3rd or 4th on the tier list…? Doesn’t that make him top tier???

Anyways I’m digressing, this isn’t a tier placement thread, I just wanted to see if others felt like he was too one dimensional/unrewarding in this one compared to yesteryear.

I don’t think anyone is complaining that we have trouble playing as Gief.

Oh of course not, I was still only doing okay at best at the last few tournies I’ve gone to.

I’ll add you to my friends’ list and we can “lab” to improve our Giefs. Deal?

Then you’re not playing against very good competition. Gief is not among the easiest characters to use. Also I think Gief loses to Seth in 4 worse than he lost to Chun in the SF2 games that matter (HF, ST, HDR), although I don’t think it’s the 1-9 or 2-8 baste some people think either.

Also again I’ve been saying for probably 3/4 of a year that any tier list that has Gief in the top 5 is bogus. A matchup chart with Gief in the top 5 is understandable, since he beats most of the lower tier characters and in some cases pretty convincingly, and since he mostly beats or goes even with the rest of the cast. But tiers aren’t the same as matchup charts; matchup charts count up your total wins against the whole cast, whereas tiers are concerned with your tournament viability. When you lose to Sagat, Ryu, and Akuma, aka the best three overall characters, and Seth, aka the best console character, I’m sorry, but your tournament viability takes a knock.

He’s not one dimensional, he’s a tweaked version of his old self. His overall strategy is usually similar in that in general he still wants to get in and deal damage up close, and it’s still not easy for him to do that against reasonable opponents. He’s still concerned with converting success in footsies to domination up close and on wakeup in most matchups. He has very different ways of going about doing those things, but no, the change in tactics doesn’t make him one dimensional.

Hey David, you play on XBL??

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not, but I’d love for you to add me, because I just switched over to Live and need friends on SFIV!! Though I haven’t touched Gief in a lonnng time if you meant you wanted to mirror or something.

@bolded: Oh no no, what I mean is, I don’t complain as playing as Gief because when I win—it’s usually just outplaying my opponent, and when I lose—it’s because he outplayed me. I don’t breeze through people, and it’s not like I don’t see the matchup problems when I play people like Seth and Blanka.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m contradicting myself, because in my OP I know I said he feels “unstoppable” at times, and I still feel that’s true WHILE acknowledging his limitations. I guess the idea is that he deserves to be a powerful force when he gets in. Once again though, it just doesn’t feel the same or as rewarding to me as it did in previous bouts.

I suppose you have a point about the one dimensional thing, but I still feel that way about him. Maybe I’m using the wrong word then, but my point is that he just isn’t as fun to play in IV as he is to me in ST/HDR. One dimensional seems like the best way to describe it. Whatever though, everyone has different opinions though right? :tup:

Ultra, I get the feeling you don’t like me. :xeye: It seems like every time I have SF on the brain, and want to stir up some friendly conversation on SRK, you shoot me down. I’m not butthurt, nor do I mean to offend you, I mean it’s only the internet/SRK/we don’t even know each other IRL, but still.


I made this thread to see if anyone else has moved on from Gief, for any particular reason. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so specific? :rofl: “Anyone else change mains from Zangief to [insert character here]? Post your reasons why!” Might have sufficed better.

Gief is just not the mighty, terrifying, Pony of Death so you actualy need to be good with 2 charakters instead of one… to be competitiv thats hopefully change with capcoms next balancing in the next sf4 lineup… hes a strong charakter and i dont actualy think he is weak against akuma (thats just a terrible borring match and akuma got a little advantage…) he plays almost even against Ryu only Sagat/Seth are a absolutly pain in the ass and Blanka is terrible annoying

if choos to learn Rufus additional OK he is only slitly better against Sagat but in the rest he is helping Zangief just finde and he got the same style of gameplay (Get in! Throw-Highdamage Mixups + deadly gametourning ultra) the best fit and helper i guess would be Viper but she i as hard as hell to play and here gameplay is realy diffrent to Giefs but honestly a great Viper/Gief player would rock in Tournaments imho so ok gief is not the mighty, terrifying, Pony of Death but he is a good choos if you want to learn 2 charakters

Hahah I think if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t have typed paragraphs to debate your argument.

Anyway (because there’s no S) :wink:

I don’t play Zangief, but I appreciate him more now than I used to. My play style for the most part changed completely because of him. I used to think that I’m just supposed to keep my distance at all times and fireball him to death, but not only was this boring, it was very time consuming and ineffective. Either the Zangiefs would block it, absorb it, or ignore it. And with 99 seconds on the clock, one would logically think “that’s not enough time”.

One day I finally gave in and said “I’ll play your game” and learned how to footsie. I still get annoyed to hell when I use a long range normal and get grabbed out of it. SPD has ridiculous reach. But that’s just another indicator that my play style needs adjustment.

If I didn’t only play online, I probably wouldn’t have even that to gripe about.

Zangief, old friend, this Wotkas for you!



PS. Lariat should never punish a sweep.

Nah I don’t not like you man, I just disagree. I think Gief is fun and interesting and not at all one dimensional. That’s a-ok if you disagree, that’s just opinion. I do think it’s pretty reasonable to say that he’s not easy to play at high levels and not top tier, though.

Find a skilled seth on XBL or PSN and proceed to punch holes in your walls :stuck_out_tongue:

Frustration at its finest

w0rd man, 100% agree.

:tup: Good shit just checking!! Thought I struck a sour note or something somewhere along the lines lol.

For me, going from sf2 zangief to sf4 zangief was like a big relief. You had to work hard in sf2 to make him scary. He has no room for error, but thats what makes it so fun playing him in that game. But then when you switch over to sf4, its like… woah… you can chill a little more now! He got really good and you don’t have to sweat as much, BUT you still have to work hard to make big damage happen.

Basically, the risk/reward difference decreased in sf4. You don’t have to risk as much as you had to in sf2.