Street Fighter 2010

Stupid question, but I’ve got to satisfy my curiousity.

Is there any chance of Udon looking at doing something with this?

I don’t mean anything serious. Maybe a back-up story or something in one of the comics. Maybe a mini if that did well.

Don’t know, it just seems like such an odd facet of the Street Fighter universe, it almost seems wasteful not to do something with it, be it either in a parody sort of way, or even rationalizing the strangeness(Ken as a scientist, let’s say) and making something really cool out of it.

Again, stupid question, but I guess that’s the insomnia talking.

LBD “Nytetrayn”

This is the old NES/Famicon game that featured Ken as a cyborg based in 2010 correct? This is one of the most unheard of games out there imo and there is usually a reason for that. I suspect that if Udon decides to leave out the first Street Fighter and the movie then they must have the common sense to leave this one out.

Street Fighter 2010 isn’t canon though, the main character isn’t ‘Ken’ in the Japanese version, it’s something else entirely.

The game isn’t even called Street Fighter in Japan. It is simply titled 2010. I suppose Capcom USA tacked on the SF name in hopes that it would grab people’s attention.

Aha, that explains a bit. Oh well. Still think it’d be neat to see Udon illustrate something with it.

LBD “Nytetrayn”

Excuse the short post but why exactly?

'Cause I like “the same yet different?”

That, and I’m a big sci-fi fan, Ken is my favorite (male) SF character, and Udon’s artists kick so much ass that you’d have to use toilet paper as a napkin for a week. :wink:

LBD “Nytetrayn”