Street Fighter 20th Anniversay Logo

I was wondering if anyone had or knew where to get a hi-res copy of the “Street Fighter 20th Anniversary” Logo. To get a clearer picture of what I’m talking about, if you look at the “S-Kill Shows Off His Stick” video on the front page, about 2 minutes into the video they show a close up of the Madcatz pad in the clam shell packaging. On the clamshell package, there is a sticker of the 20th Anniversary logo. It’s a silhouette of Ryu and it says “Street Fighter” and “20th Anniversary.” I would love to use that logo as part of the artwork for my stick. Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

This topic is relevant to my interests. Hope something comes up.

Scanned at 1200 resolution from the back of the SFIV game manual