Street Fighter 25th anniversary chess set


I did a search and didn’t see any other threads with this so if there are feel free to delete this.

That aside I’ve made it clear I think the SF25 Collectors set is a bit of a joke but this on the other hand, bad ass and I want it!


Any pictures of the pieces?


only if you click that button on the side that says “Screen Shots” and there’s a list of all the pieces in the description as well.


Can’t believe I didnt see that.


lol $300? fuck that


Steep yes, but I love street fighter and chess so it’s perfect for me. If only I had the money! ><


300 is pretty expensive for it. If you really love SF its probably worth it though, but they need to make every piece Zangief for me to care enough to buy it.


A Neo Geo is a better buy.


300 is actually cheap for a quality chess set. A lot of the high end chess sets got for 400-700.
regardless of that, this is pretty meh.


If you take chess seriously, then novel pieces suck…

It’s hard to tell pieces apart and shit…

300 bucks for a conversation piece= wtf? why?


Couldn’t agree more.

And the designs of this set are ugly to boot. It’s as if they wanted to find some middle ground between resembling actual chess pieces and looking like SF characters. If you’re doing to make a commemerable chess set on an IP, don’t hold back (because you aren’t going to win over chess snobs like me): get all your colors out and make them look like SF characters. Maybe color-code the base to label the which side is which.

Hell, even I will play the game once for novelty before going back to the OG set.


Finally, now people can stop embarrassing themselves by comparing street fighter to chess with bad metaphors, and START embarrassing themselves by buying a 300 dollar chess set in hopes of becoming a better street fighter.


Capcom might end up giving them away in SF25th Grand Finals, cuz I doubt someone is buying it.


Obviously this is rich or fiscally retarded people.




WTF I can’t do mirror matches?

This is some WW shit.


Hah Juri’s the Queen Piece…that’s dope.

Would not buy.


Just checked the rules for Capcom chess and in order to level the playing field for new players once you get down to 3 pawns they each become rooks.


That means that Capcom can fuck up any game, even when it was already perfect the way it was?