Street Fighter 25th Anniversary


Did you hear??

Capcom is going at it big. This is getting very interesting. I’m really glad I’m going to be practicing for a 3s tournament again. This looks amazing so far

Just one small thing.

HD Remix came out in 2008, therefore, the farthest you’re representing is 1999 with 3S.
If ST was there, all 25 years of Street Fighter history would be represented.
One could make an argument that it needs Alpha too, though.



because hd remix is the last revision of the sf2 series, not st
like it or not, they would promote their current games on the market
wich means, 3so and hd remix


Not that Im buying it but they could have at the bare minimum put sf1 and alpha3 to make it complete

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I didn’t even know HDR was released in Japan.


It wasn’t


That’s a good point.
How are they going to have an HDR tournament on middle September in Japan when nobody has the game?
Unless the tournament is to be played on classic mode which I know isn’t perfect, but its still better than remix mode IMO


Is it the US SF animated series or SFII V?


Wish I could find out if they used my artwork in their book. I never got a confirmation email for my submission…


150$ is a lot of money, and considering i already own sf4 and x tk i think im just going to pass on this.


This. This. and more of this. ST hands down deserves that spot way more then HDR, plus if irc Japan doesn’t even have access to HDR. I really thought they would bring out the old games for this being that this tournament series is all things SF. Maybe Capcom will get smart and throw some smaller side tournaments for the Alpha games and ST so that this way they are at least represented and present.

That put aside. This tournament series sounds fucking epic and it actually has me hyped up.



No Alpha 2, ST or HF?



My immediate thought was “wow good lord this is cheap for everything you’re getting”.

I’ve got all of the games but this is a steal.

edit for clarity: I’m most definitely buying this.


SFxT $60
AE $40
HDR $15
3sOE $15

that’s $130.


Yeah, but then there’s the AE and xT DLC, 11 disc soundtrack, the SFII animated movie, the artbook, plus a ton of extras.

I’m not about to rebuy three games, but that is a pretty good deal.


You can get SFxT for $40 new at wal mart. So that can be knocked down to $110.

*At least that’s how much it is at wal marts in my surrounding area anyways. Idk why.


Collection is disappointing. Personally, I wish Capcom would release the SFIV animated movies as standalone films.


The movie isn’t really any thing spectacular and I couldn’t care less about soundtracks or DLC for shit games.

If it had Alpha 2 and 3, ST, HF and CvS2 I would buy it. The way it is now thought it has two games I already own (HDR and 3s) and two I don’t even want any where near my house.


I’m very disappointed in this anniversary collection, though I think this collection is catered more towards the younger fans. I think the 360 version will probably sell more because PS+ had both HDR and 3SO dirt cheap at one point. Not to mention they both came out before the game share limit was reduced to one other PS3.


The trick, if you notice, is that they only released games that they’d already ported to PS3/360.

All those games that didn’t get included? They didn’t want to put any actual programming effort in to include them.

Unless you really like tchotchkes, its pretty dodgy


Are you guys really that naive? Not getting why there’s no ST, CVS2, alpha ,ex etc.?
HDR, 3SOE, AE and SFXT are the games they released this generation. It costs them 0$ extra money to bundle them.
They won’t develop a brand new port, which requires budget and giving a shit, just for this collection.

How out of touch with reality you have to be to look at those 4 games and get the impression that they hand picked them out of all the games they ever made?