Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike works on 360 now!

Get the download here:…;DisplayLang=en

SFAC probably works in no small part thanks to everyone who spammed emails to

THanks a lot if you sent emails. me.gif

Now send emails asking for Marvel vs Capcom 2!!!


BTW, SF3 looks amazing scaled to 720p.

Lets start sending emails asking for Marvel vs Capcom 2!!!

Now for CvS2

Mind posting the full link, the one you posted is broken.

He’s a liar.

Na he’s not. There was an update posted yesterday. I’ve found it. Though it doesn’t come with a list, it does seem that SFA is indeed playable from other reports.

There’s the link for those interested. (combine the two parts, since it won’t allow you to copy paste the full url)

This now uped the 360 in my mind. Now plz get CVS2 on there.

I need to go to someones house and see how 3rd looks on HD.

I was able to verifiy it… SFAC does work now. The only other game I tested was Panzer Dragoon Orta, which runs in 720p now as well.


I just popped my SF:AC into my 360 and it gave me a strong “hell naw.”

You have to manually download the patch right now. The autoupdate won’t probably be up until later this week (prolly Monday more than likely).

Sweet.Now my Xbox is obsolete and i can finally get rid of it.

I got it working too.Make sure you open up the file and burn whats inside the file.

i cant remember is 3s the only game with online play or can you play the anniversary edition online as well?

I’m sorry I called you a lying slut.

It actually does work.

um well dont you have to dl a patch man?

So who’s going to start the MvC 2 petition now since that game still doesn’t work? :wink:

I would never, ever lie about something so important.

Here’s a tinyurl to use to cross post this…spread the word, lets get people back online

hehe…i was skeptical until you confirmed it. downloading the update now

so if i have live on my 360, then will i be able to play third strike online through it?

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