Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike- Your Favorite Theme?

What’s your favorite Street Fighter III theme? Mine is “Beats in my Head”

I know you’re only 11 but if you start playing Super Turbo right now you’ll grow hair on your chest within a few days.

And hair below there too.

This is true. It’s been proven playing ST acts as a catalyst to secondary sexual characteristic development.

Then does arcana heart make you sterile?

Amazing how the same trolls posted in this -_-

that is not trolling man

anyway welcome to srk

No, its just that this isn’t gamefaqs man. Nobody is interested in threads about “Whats your favorite color for Ken?” or “Everyone say your favorite Chun-Li costume”

Mine is the 2003 TMNT theme, gets stuck in my head so much.

Also why do you have CvS2 as CvSNK2? We know what SNK is. Why you don’t have MvCapcom2 or SFighterIV dude, it’s an understood thing.

Having CvS2 doesn’t look right to me. Plus, I’ve been getting trolled on other forums, they’re always referring to CvS2 as “That pharmacy store” I’m afraid I’ll get trolled again for that…

Alright I warned you about this, you should have posted this in the third strike general discussion forum.

Everyone on SRK hates 3s except the people in the 3s forum.

I had no idea there was a 3 forum

That’s because Gamefaqs are dumb asses, it’s CvS2 here in Dat SRK. No one will troll you over something THAT stupid, just everything else really.

I got all the jokes until it started to be about pharmacy stores. What’s that all about?

Q’s theme. I didn’t really care for the music in the game. SF2 has the most memorable themes.

What the heck is GameFAQS?

CVS is a store…

A site for you guessed it FAQs for games. Playthroughs, cheats, secrets, reviews, tips, etc. There’s a message board for each game. Usually filled with dumbass posts.

Also Killing Moon is the best theme in 3S.

Pizza Pizza Pi, Pizza Pizza Pi, Pizza Pizza Pi, Pizza in my head!

All of them/