Street Fighter 3 4rd strike arranged edition 2013


I recently came across this game and I looked up info on it and all I could find is this YouTube video in Japanese (Unfortunately I don’t read Japanese)

This is the third back 2013 version of “4rd Strike”:

I was playing it and Ken is actually fun. He’s more Ryuesqued because he got a super fireball and his air hurricane kick reminds me of Hyper Fighting

Akuma SA3 is also interesting because it looks like it puts Akuma in Genijin mode but it really doesn’t.

There’s also a “charge” version of Sean.

Obviously there’s a lot in this game that I don’t know about because I just played it today for the first time. It seems really interesting tho and it got my curiosity because it’s kinda an unofficial sequel to 3S. Yes it’s bootleg but it doesn’t seem too over the top and I think it teases you with the idea of what a 4th SF3 game might look like.


So does anyone have any info, insight or opinion of this game? I’d like to know more about it.


Assuming this is the version people messed with on ggpo it was discussed a bit in the GD thread but I don’t think in a real dedicated way since it’s kind of a silly thing.
It is neat though.


The version I’ve been playing is the 2013 arranged version aka “The 3rd Hack”. The one they always show on YouTube is the “Beta” version of 4th Strike. When I played the 2013 version of 4th Strike I was surprised how subtle the changes were. A lot of the outrages silly stuff in the beta was taken out. I think they really tried to balance the game. Ya I know it’s 15 years too late but it be interesting to see if this game was fully explored. I heard that it’s possible to put this on the cps-3 arcade board so you can play it on the machine and get a legitimate feel of it.


It was on a cab at mikado for a few weeks. Some random people played it a lot for the first few days and then it got old and no one touched it. A regular board was put back in its place and no one ever looked back.


there’s a fightcade room for it if you ever wanna play online, but of course no one ever in it so you’d have to arrange to meet someone there. I’m not sure if that’s the beta or the version you’re talking about.


that’s kind of cool that they even did that at all.


This is cool but I’d much rather see a serious, reserved balance patch for 3S rather than something so crazy and over the top.

Anyone know of a good research source to learn how to rom hack like this?


IMO making everyone ridiculously strong is not the way to balance.

Less is more. Small changes go along way. I would be much more interested in seeing a patch that balances by changing as little as possible. I’ve already written my own change list and would incorporate it myself if I knew how to rom hack. That’s why I’m looking for resources to learn how…

If anyone knows let me know.


Unless you are a programmer and an assembly language programmer at that, you’re not hacking 3S.
Your only real chance would be talking to the person/people who worked on 4rd Strike.


Education and learning, what’s that.

So no resources online to teach you those things? Ok I guess I’ll hit Amazon for books.


good luck.


Very fortunate for me to catch this while I was researching some input lag data. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. I did quite a bit of private work on creating an app that modifies 3rd strike but stopped due to the amount of work involved. Trust me, it is VERY tedious work but possible. An old dream I had was to create a hack with old stages and new characters but it’ll probably end up with the same fate as 4rd. Definite possibility though.

It’s cool too see interest in a hacked 3S. Alas, it’s always a side thing that people will play for a bit and forget in the long run. 4rd Strike was fun to test out the new moves and stuff but it never caught on.


i’d like 3S to be 3S so if there’s a new version of it, it should be a new installment and not a rebalance of such an old game. didn’t work with ST and i don’t want to see it with 3S. however, a 4th entry into the series where a slightly different experience, some new and changed moves, a few more characters, new discoveries to be made, would make me happy. SF4 and V just don’t do it for me and the III series is different enough from the other SF games to warrant it’s own new entries. too bad Capcom decided to end it after 3 tries.

this 4rd Strike looks interesting but a little broken. Alex loses some of his heavier impact moves for quicker versions and gets some kinda rekka. i like that his ddt is from a jump-in though. i might check it out sometime with my friends.


I wasn’t talking about anything official. I’m talking fan patch. The fan balance patch made for MK2 was accepted, I have the game fully balanced in my head that keeps the game playing 99.98% the same and would make it the most balanced fighter ever. Would it be accepted? Doubt it, but I still wanna do it just to show people.