Street Fighter 3: Double Impact Kaillera roster

When you play 3rd Strike all the time, its fun to transition to double impact. Characters are completely different, different music, faster characters, different look, fun stuff. I probably enjoy playing double impact more at the moment since all I’ve played is 3rd Strike for almost a month.

I’ve played a few of you guys in Double Impact. Put your name on here if you like to play it.

I love you Dimmu <3 No homo

Double Impact IMO is alot more fun than 3s while it may not be as competitive friendly.
It also looks prettier :D.Also sean pwns.

Name:DaemoN_ or EmoKen

I like double impact also mainly the music and backround and being able to use Sean as a higher tier.

But I dont like the version we play because there are no voices for the moves or anything. =/

You can enable “normal” voices via F2 > Configuration > System > Voice type: Normal.

I’m having difficulty finding the proper set MAME .117 wants (Asia, No-CD). If I had that (I have the… American one, I think), I’d join in on the 2I.

Edit: I now have the game. Also have a nice little cheat to give y’all in the CPS3 Broken thread when I get the opportunity.

My name right now is:

Yami Shigure. I’m sure I’ll be liable to change…if I do I’ll update you guys. I’m not on much do to my fear of desynching. Although I had a GG with BFE who sported an SRK tag.

I play 2i whenever I see someone hosting a game. Whenever I host a 2i game I usually wait around for an hour and a half before anyone joins… so thus i don’t host 2i games

And gg’s to spinning beat too… 2 stocks of denjin is too good

He’s not kidding…:rofl::rofl:

damn, been this long since I did this topic…

Still wanting to play some double impact. Basically, if you play 3s, you can play double impact. Its not really that incredibly different.

My MAME romset for Double Impact doesn’t seem to work for nfba.

I don’t know why.

YO! put me down for 2i !! I love playing that game too

well my screen name in mame and nfba is hakiru so if you want to play 2i hit me up!

i hope u dont play hugo in that game :rofl:

Dimmu, you can find me over @ #srkkaillera.

He does. And Ryu’s jumping medium punch doesn’t work as well on big characters in that game. And his ex fireballs suck. Ouch…


How do they suck? Does 2 stock denjin compensate for that?

Nothing beats Seans close Roundhouse-> wait for a year -> hyper tornado.

they are not safe in this game and execute slower than in 3s. 2 denjin stocks are good. Can’t really answer whether or not they compensate but hes probably better in this game than in 3s.

Heh, I’ll take interest in playing some 2i. I’ll be in #srkkaillera after 5pm (US, MST).

Thats my favorite. I tell Dragonfave about it all the time, heh.

The only player I know of who delved a bit into double impact besides “playing it like 3s” and did it well is ^_^. I mean, theres obvious differences like Seans becomes kinda like Chun-li, 2 denjin stocks, you can confirm off of Ken’s overhead kicks without them ducking, Necro is not about stun, Aegis mix-ups are not as good, Dudley’s animations and voice acting are so humourous. But, he’s the only guy who made me think Ibuki and Yang are top tier.

I do and I know he is worse in 2i than in 3s… well in some ways he does have an infinite in this game and can grab you with ultrathrow in mid air and such but hes clap makes him move backwards??? how the fuck does that work??:shake: :rofl: anyways he sucks in 2i compared to 3s IMO but I can still play him good though so watch out lol

omg man ibuki was so broken in new generation and second impact fucking infinites and shit . And Sean was actually really good in those games idk what capcom was thinking toning him down so much:shake: