Street fighter 3: guess strike


i’ve noticed a giant trend that many of you follow concerning your game. if you guys seriously want to get better at this game, stop doing it. do you want to beat people using your skills, or using how well you’re good at guessing?




guessing is a skill too man, my guessing skill beats your fighting ability, if parrying is in the game


I mostly see this with shotos, srk all day man :shake:


hey it’s not my fault if you buffer parry after ticks and strings, i have to punish it some way right…


I can’t believe you opened a thread for this, where are the mods, close this crap!


No shit. I 2nd Dudley so I have an uppercut too and its like they are retarded or something. They low forward xx SRK me then dash to me. I Ex Uppercut there ass and they still dont learn.:annoy: Guess what I can do it all day long too idiot.

Almost as bad as when I kick their ass with Alex then they use Chun just for the sake of it. Even if they dont even use her. Its just like ‘Im a sore loser so Im gonna use the safest most broken character in the game.’ Fuck you too!:wink:


i’m actually trying to make people think about game theory and why it’s good or not good to do certain things. i figured i’d start with the most rampant bad thing to do.

if you parry when you wake up more than 5% of the time, this applies to you.


your the last person on earth who should be making this thread:coffee:


please tell me you’re not JUST noticing this trend


this coming from you:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


get raped.




Even though it’s true you shouldn’t be guessing out of wakeup, or doing constant shoryus on wakeup, it’s something we see all the time and can’t stop. People who are parrying after a predictable hit are guessing, as you don’t know if he may just go in the other direction(top or bottom) or not do anything, like dash in throw.

I’m a terrible scrub who loses to everyone, but I swear I catch constant shoryus coming out, even from the top players. After the first shoryu, I’m onto them :I




:lol: @ the premise and seriousness of the entire thread.

:coffee: indeed.


I was just talking to someone on GGPO with a nice attitude. I figured he was from SRK, since he was so cool. The first thing he said was " SRK? No. Everyone there are Dicks." “If you try to ask one question, they will murder you.” I couldn’t even argue with it, I could only say they’re some cool people here.

I opened with that to say, if Exo is really being serious trying to help people then let him/others try. Why keep all the information to yourself. Let the community be a community.

Although " :coffee: " is hilarious.


That’s not true, I played him a few days ago, and he actually tried to block like 2 things in the match


If this was a year ago, I’d be guilty of this, but not anymore. I’d guess too much and eat so much shit, but it’s amazing what you can do when you actually play some defense. :lol:



do it BLOCK