Street Fighter 3 NG & 2I Thread


With CPS3 emulation out I’ve been playing NG a bit and got interested in learning to play as Elena.
So could someone post some strats for her plz? Thanks.

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sorry to avoid having a gajillion ng or 2i threads just one overall thread and everyone post in here-

Why do fans and Capcom shy away from Street Fighter 3 2nd Impact and New Generation
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NG Elena is bad. I don’t think I can help ya there.

Since you got a Sean avatar, why don’t you pick up Sean? Elena doesn’t have half the moves that make her decent in 3s. Even though 3s isn’t my cup of tea. I can’t play an Elena without Spin Scythe and Lynx Tail.


Well,Yun/Yang SF3NG is a great tier,and NG Sean is a bottom tier,but Urien in 2I is a great tier too.


NG Sean bottom tier???

No fucking way…what the fuck were you smoking? 2I Urien is low tier BTW


NG Sean was nowhere near bottom tier. He was top 3 or 4 iirc. His shoryuken did A LOT of damage and his hurricane kick cranked the stun meter like no tomorrow and it would combo off his regardless of spacing. I’m pretty sure Ryu was also really good in both games since he had a 2 stock Denjin.


Yeah I use Sean in both NG & 2I.
NG Sean’s: Jumping HP/HK–>St. HK–>QCB+HK=Free combo opportunity…at least with some characters :P.

Main reason I wanna learn NG Elena is cuz well…she has many disadvantages. I’m more of one who likes to play with characters that have a lot against them.


We’re not talking about 3rd Strike.


Is 2I worth having? I went from ng to 3s and never played 2I… I think it looks more fun than 3s though since sean can whoop ass like he needs to


That’s not even a real question anymore considering you can get it for free now.


it is though… Is it worth the time?..


for fun yeah, i play it sometimes but since isn’t competitive now days don’t much into it


Yeah…it’s a good look into the history of SF3.


It’s fun to see what changes your characters have gone through over the generations. You can see why characters became what they are in 3S by looking at what they had in 2I and NG. It is a fun look into the history and balancing of the game.

2I is especially fun to me, because I’m an Akuma player in 3S and Akuma is ridiculous in 2I with near instantaneous dive kicks that combo into whatever you want them to and a Ken-style crossup j.MK.


Ryu had a 1 meter denjin in NG. I think his shinshoryuken was a lot better but I don’t know how good he is in that game.


Denjin was pretty bad in NG. You couldn’t increase its charging speed by spinning the stick, and Ryu’s recover from it was slower than in 2I or 3S. You can still set it up, but it’s harder. He still retains some damage capabilites, but I don’t think, bar any infinites, that he’s much better than in 3S. 2I Ryu is the definitive Ryu for me.

@ topic creator, you sure have your work cut out for you if you wanna use Elena…Alex ahs an infinite that works only on her, IIRC. Wish I could help you, but I really can’t.


MP flash chop


Shinsho did a crapload of stun, and was a juggle reset, and he could build up meter really quickly, which allowed him to have a 100% damage combo,


technically its an infinite, not that it makes any difference.


@Spinning Beat- Thanks I was wondering how to do that infinite :slight_smile:
OK, here are some stuff on 2I Sean, anyone care to clarify or note upon?

Good Pokes:
Far HK
Standing HP

Good Anti-Airs:
Far HK
Crouching HP

Jumping HP/HK–>Standing HP/HK–>QCB+HK (Can then follow with SA III)
Vs. Hugo only: HK Throw–>SA I/III

BTW in 2I Dudely can link ANY of his supers after his HCF+P. Also HCF+HP will not combo after his St. HK, but it’s other ver. will.

One question: How do u do Hugo’s infinite against Gill? It’s the one where he keeps HCB+King Gill to death.


I wanted to ask whether there’s a detailed tier list for either game. The closest I’ve seen to a complete one went:

the rest


So I wanted to know what ‘the rest’ looks like.