Street Fighter 3: Third Strike @ Chinatown Fair on Thursday 12-16-2010 8:00 pm

Coming straight off the hype from NECXI a lot of players expressed their hunger for 3s. And although we cant possibly emulate the hurricane that was NEC 3s at CF, we can try our hardest to promote healthy competition, growth, and hype. If anyone thinks they have what it takes to win, here is your chance.

VGA and I will be hosting The Chinatown Fair 3s Tournament Series every third Thursday in the month, followed by the House of Strikes where players are able to not only participate in the 3s Gauntlet (a round robin lasting 2 hours where the player with the highest number of wins tallied will receive a small prize and free entry to the next CTF:3s Tourney) but also get a chance to talk to the best players New York has to offer like ‘Hard Bread’, Ahmed ‘The President’, and ‘GreenTea’ and pick their brains. This is the least NYC can do for such a great game.


Chinatown Fair
8 Mott Street
New York, New York 10013


Registration starts at 7 pm
Tournament starts at 8 pm
Double Elim
$5 Entry
Character Lock
Pay Per Play .25 cents
2/3 Games win a Match
2/3 Grand Finals

Payout is Winner take all, 2nd gets entry fee back if less than 16 players

If there is a full bracket, payout is 70/20/10

Hope to see everyone there

Gs frenzii. I’ll do my best to make this if I’m not broke

I’m in, and Flare’s av is godlike. :karate:

Nice. Ill be there. I wanted to have a tournament on friday but this is good 2. See everyone there.

God dammit. I’d go if this was Friday. Thursday is my last day of finals ;(


Derp I’m dumb. I meant that Friday, the 17th.


hehhehheh can’t wait to see this.

3s alive & somewhat pumping, I like it!

^ Hell yeah.

I think people are finally realizing how lame SSF4 and how 3s is the greatest game ever. :smiley:

Ya know I might actually come up for this… I’ll have to see though. NEC bankrupted me. Someone gonna help provide for me and buy me Popeyes?

i shall be there as well

sorry for not going to nec for the 3s support. last minute bullshit i had to deal with.

and im not pillsbary dough ****** anymore! i will lose weight and be a bloody spartan badass!

pokes tummy teehee

The vandal
Too hot to handle.
your battle?
Is saying goodbye like Tevin Campbell!!!

I’m in there. coming for redemption

will there be anyone playing here before thursday’s tournament? i would have liked to enter this tournament but my flight back to california leaves this date. i went saturday night but there wasn’t anything really poppin off. if any of u guys are going to play before then, holla at me via pm.