Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Dreamcast Beta Release


There is now a version of third strike on Dreamcast with unblockables (Thank Fork Lift Truck) and please post any thing you discover, like if it’s close to 990512. This is a release by “Fork Lift Truck”.

Here is the link :

Online Edition Bugs and Glitches (Problems) List

This will probably be moved to the 3S subforum. But does this version feature new unblockables or does it just feature the Oro and Urien unblockables?


I tested it on urien and was hoping someone else could test the other things like necros, yangs, oro’s etc. and other things… uriens do work btw.


i don’t think that unreleased games/betas of old games count as piracy. hopefully the mods let it rock since this is a great find.


I don’t see why they would take it out.


Is this a cdi?


I wonder if this fixed the timing on Yun’s Genei Jin.


I’ll let it rock for the simple fact that there is no reason to ban for a game that could never be bought.


I guess this will be closed soon but thanks anyway, are you sure this is a “Beta” and not a hack?


It’s a beta and yes it’s a CDI.


All thanks to FLT and LeGIt.


Do you have a source for this? is not that i don’t believe you, but is a good news i want to comment in some places.


I made a copy last night with alcohol 120% and it’s selfboot thanks to “LeGIt” (this guy releases a lot of betas) trust me it works. just use Alcohol 120% and put “RAW DAO” then enable “buffer underrun technology” and put the data type to “playstation” and your good.


Awesome, then I can use it in my Dreamcast.


sure can!

Next Level Arcade, NYC

Since we seem to have a lot of dc owners here, I have a problem nobody answered in the tech thread: all 3 of my (previously working, but untouched for 6 or so years) dc’s (1 jp, 2 us) now show a black screen after the logo screen. Is there a common cause for this?


It might be because the GD Drive is messed up. It’s a common problem. Or it could be the Disc’s. Try turning on the system with the disc tray open and then closing it.


Nice release! I don’t have a DC anymore to try this, but file is saved. I have a beta disc as well, it’s up for sale on here. This seems to be much earlier than the one I have though.

Does anybody have the time to record some gameplay footage? I mainly want to see the start-up of the game, and anything you can find thats different from the final build.

Does Akumas name show up as a White box when in wins in 2P mode?


No, what you have is the preview disc. This one is the final version, but what happened was capcom decided to “fix some glitches” like unblockables. The game starts off the same as the final version, the difference is the actual gameplay. This version is known as v1.000 and the final release is known as 1.001.


Your disc would be the alpha!