Street Fighter 3 Third Strike kits with new battery installed, crazy prices. check it

hello all.
1st post.
not sure if many of yous frequent I’m devilredeemed over there. I’m just crossing the waters to drop a headsup on y’all.

bottom line, I’ve secured the motherload in terms of working US Street Fighter III Third Strike kits, and I’m offering them up for sale at an unreasonable price. unreasonably low (bites lip and cringes at cheesy line). 480 dollars a piece plus shipping. that’s not the whole story though. billd420 will be recieving them from my supplier and putting in a brand new battery in the carts and then shipping them out to buyers. this is included in the price.

here’s the relevant link:

kits are complete but do not include the art.
they are guaranteed to be US kits.

also click on my user name over there and check out my feedback score.

basically I’m about to have these shipped to Bill just waiting on a few more buyers to come through.

for the sake of doing things properly I will be offering 20 of the 28 kits up for sale. the first 5 are payed for - there are another 5 more that are reserved pending payment, with another 4 ontop of that possibly reserved. that leaves between 6 and 10 units on offer, and to keep things simple for myself it will be first come first serve. please pm me or post any questions you may have - here or on

sorry about the spam but I thought this offer could interest some of you.
I’ve done a ton of deals like this before using various suppliers (you can ask at or check my feedback and click on the links provided by those leaving the feedback), so nothing strange is going on.

all the best fellow gamers.

/top shelf spam

Nice, but we have a Trading Outpost forum. This probably belongs there.

Are they version A?


Yeah I read this on neogeo about a week ago…I thought you were only getting 10…but hell 28…let me get my money a little more situated and ill drop a PM asap!!!

do you maybe have pics of the entire package…I know you might not have them yet but do you have an example?

480? wow

Can you get software-only? I have CPS-III hardware already, but would love to get the game.

meanbean is the man with the cps3 battery swap

Very cool. UmbrellaStyle probably mentioned to you already that I was going to get one too (I’m AKA zachd) , but I thought I’d say hi nonetheless.

Howdy. Nice work. :tup:

Very cool, I hope all who still want a 3rd Strike kit will get to utilize this great deal.

does this version have the unblockables (A) or not (B)? i’m interested if it does haved the unblockables

hey all. I’ll find out if this is version A or B - it may have to wait until it gets to Bill though, seeing as for my supplier to access this info he may have to know the intricacies of the gameplay - is there a way to verify which version this is which does not involve gameplay?

I’ve been asked about selling the software only in the past, and the answer is unfortunately no, these kit only deals.

as for pictures of the goods, I will ask Bill to take some once they are in his hands - what I can say is that the kit includes: MoBo, cd drive, cd, cart and harness. no art.

thanks for the prompt payment Preppy.

there is other material available but I’m not opening that can of worms just yet (Red Earth hispanic version anyone? how about HSF2:AE -US region - endorsed and produced by Capcom, but technically not an official US release/not sold by or via Capcom USA (these last ones are not for sale - there’s a ridiculous thread on the subject at I can link to)).

one thing I should mention - 20 kits for sale are all US region-wise. there are 2 out of the 28 however, which are euro kits of 3S. I don’t know what place they occupy in terms of content or rarity - don’t know if they are missing stuff like the asian version etc. so if anyone’s ever come across one I’d love to find out what the deal is.

Try looking at the CD, that’s what determines the version…

As for a game play test, pick Urien vs Ryu (doesn’t make a difference but he’s a standard sized character). Have player two to constantly bock his attacks, then with player one forward throw him, Aegis Reflector (jab version), head butt over, and use forward and medium kick. This is an unblockable set-up… If the Aegis Reflector and f. mk are blocked, it’s version B, if player two can’t block in any shape or form, it’s version A.

Been looking for a Red Earth kit for a while. Please post if you decide to sell this.

my supplier has the the material in question, he has multiple copies of Red Earth but they’re all hispanic (the cart labels read RED EARTH but they’re blue just like the japanese versions).

so looking at the CD I’ll be able to determine if it’s version A or B? it sais on the CD? I’ll get intouch with my supplier and ask him.

by the way. I’m trying to locate one of thcharcore’s friends - not sure of his user name or if he’s even a member on here. just know his name is Lyle and he’s from the Bay Area. been trying to get intouch with him/you via email for a few days now to no avail - can someone alert him or tell me what his user name is? cheers.

Yeah version A is the one with the unblockables and glitches. For players or newbies who dont play 3s and dont know how to tell if its version A or B there is a simple way to check. Play through the game with ken and when you get to makoto, get her down to no energy and kill her with a nutral grab(standing lp+lk) this should reset the machine turning it off in the process, if it goes off its version A if it stays on it`s version B : )

This price seems almost to good to be true, if i had the money i would definately be interested, just to resell on the ebay, 3s goes for about 800usd on ebay. I am kinda surprised this guy doesn`t go there to sell them.

Well its obvious…he’s awesome!!!

well… ebay is a jungle and I see all kinds of prices on all kinds of stuff. I recently sold a Splatterhouse pbc for 160 dollars shipped on that’s cheap in terms of what the market dictates (it can go for over 300 dollars) - but on ebay I’ve seen that game being sold for 80 dollars with buy it now, and 120 dollars with the marquee included.

B.Rap Boys pcb goes for 150 dollars roughly, PCB only (I sold one last year at this price). I saw an ebay auction for a full kit - probably brand new - end at 60 dollars. that was around a year ago.

ebay is ebay. 3rd strike kits don’t sell for 800 dollars just like that on there. especially if you want to unload 20 kits in the short to medium term. I’ve seen third strike kits at 800 dollars sit on ebay for weeks. not doubting they can go for as much as that - from what I gather market price is between 600 and 800 dollars.
so just south of 500 is still a considerable amount of money, but it’s low enough that it is affordable to those who don’t want to pay 800 bucks but want a US kit. with a new battery installed.

if you’d buy these to resell on ebay, well then knock yourself out, more power to you. that’s non of my business boss. I’m still getting my cut.

PM sent

Just curious, where did all these boards come from? Did you just stumble upon a big pile of them in a warehouse somewhere? :lol:

but regardless of where they’re from, I am very excited to get mine :smiley: