Street fighter 3: third strike Mame/Kailera roster 2007

figured this might be useful for setting up specific meeting times and dates with people. It would also help people find challengers closer to them if they wish
It might be useful or not, but we can see:

Just put:

Name–(Real Name or Handle if you wish)
GGPO Handle–
Preferred play times–


-Shadow Ace
-Charlotte, NC
-Sean,ken,Ryu,yang, and ibuki

(credit goes to return of shiki for the idea in the ggpo thread)

-on All mediums
-Norcal, CA
-Mains: Ryu, Urien, Twelve
-Early morning

Kaillera handle: brain3S
Location: Toronto, Canada
Characters: Yang, Ken, Dudley, Urien, Alex, everyone else randomly
Current play times: Randomly during evening, night EST

My ping has been jumping around in various places so I dunno how I would rank the servers at this time, but I use all the main ones except the two recent WC servers. I’ll also edit the play times when changes are made.

SRK Handle: DaveNotti
GGPO Handle: DaveNotti
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Characters: Makoto (main), Alex, Urien, Yun, Ken
Current Play Times: 6pm EST - 3pm PAC And On

Kaillera handle:Fadedsun
Characters:Makoto, Yang
Current play times:Weekdays 5PM-11PM Weekends:Random

Kaillera handle:RushedDown
Location:Rhode Island
Characters:yang,ken,hugo …most the cast actually
Current play times:whenever im not working so not very often

and i suck anyway so dont expect much if u play me

Kaillera ID: Zooropa Baby
Location: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
Characters: Elena, Ken, Ryu, Sean, Chun-Li, Remy, Ibuki, Akuma
Current play times: any time (except Overnight hours) in Eastern Standard Time
Skill: Slightly below average, can’t parry much. :lol:

-Kaillera: EndLeSS
-Norcal, CA
-Characters: Alex, Urien, Ken, the rest
-Play time: Mon-Fri: After 7pm randomly PST until midnight. Sat-Sun: Random after 3pm PST

Note: I only play on West Coast servers.

kaillera: Barky
Auburn, Al
Characters: yun, sometimes ken
play time: any time I can

Kaillera handle:abstyles
Location:Raliegh NC
Character: Urien, ken, yang
Current play times: during the day and latenight

kaillera handle:Nataku
Location:Montreal, Canada
Characters:Chun(rarely use her cuz of the lag),ryu,yun,ken and whoever i feel with
play time:random

kaillera handle: Statistics

Location: Las Vegas

Characters: Ken, Makoto, Sean

play time: Weeknights I’m not with my GF, all day weekends

kaillera handle : DIMMU SAKURABA
Location : Virginia
Characters : Usually its Urien but due to quite a bit of delay, I usually use Ken and Ryu on kaillera
play time : Pretty frequently. Usually after 8pm.

Requirement : My connection speed is 756kilobyte DSL so I have massive delay. On GOOD, its unplayable so I only play on excellent. lf you play me, you must change your connection to excellent or theres so much delay that its completely pointless.

Out of the people on this thread, I recognize Barky.

kaillera handle: jswey_dk

location: WI

characters: shotos, dudley, urien

play time: late nights, early afternoon

Kaillera Handle: Mizu / ender
Location: Granada Hills, CA
Characters: Yun, Yang, Ken, Chun-Li
Preferred Play time: Evening

Kaillera: Incubus
Location: Washington
Chars:Ken, Q, Alex, Chun
Play time: Morning, late night

Name-- Ross Cohen / Aremsi
GGPO Handle-- Aremsi
Location-- New Jersey
Characters-- Akuma, Alex, Urien, Q, Ryu
Preferred play times-- 3:00pm / 6:00pm / 11:00pm [EST]

You can usually find me on Server.

Kaillera: HeaTBlazn
Location: Montreal Canada
Characters(ATM): Sean, Alex, Urien
Times: after 3pm EST

All the time…

MC Blaeza
All characters used often!
Whenever I get time to kick arse, I shall!
Thamesmead, London, UK