Street Fighter 3: Third Strike!

I’m getting it soon is it good? I was looking at ssf4 but…for some reason this street fighter looks funner! I’ve never really seriously played any street fighter, but ssf2 and third strike look the coolest. I’m a decent tekken player and I was just looking for other fighting games to play since i’m now getting into them.

Yes! Get this game. You will NOT regret it. SFIII: third strike is incredible fun and takes a lot of time and devotion to master. A true gem all around.

It’s definitely a great game. You’ll experience one hell of a learning curve even AS you start getting good(as well as some doubts like “FUCKIN GUESSERRRRRR”), but the end results are always rewarding and fun.

Hopefully you live in an area where 3S is played. If not then there’s GGPO. I personally hate it, but there are a lot of people who are personally grateful for it since it helped level up their play immensely.

Always glad to see another person looking into 3rd Strike. :slight_smile: