Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)

(Note: Alpha 2 Gold, Alpha 3 Double Upper, HD Remix, and Ultra 2 NOT included)

Dont forget no Double Upper on Alpha 3 either. I wish I could be playing Alpha 2 online (fuck Vism!), but Ill play Alpha 3 online just so I can play a good SF game I enjoy.

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This is great.

That is fairly surprising (no online A2, no SFA3 Upper, no Ultra SF2 lol) but god damn this trailer made me smile. ONLINE ALPHA 3 AND ST!!!1!!1

Edit: Oh shit Steam release too? THIS IS DELICIOUS.

I GET the no Alpha 2 online (so as to funnel the Alpha crew into one game). The no Double Upper is strange to me unless there was no arcade version of it and it was just a handheld only kind of deal (since Double Upper started out as a GBA version iirc).

I understand not using the PSP port if it was too hard to scale, but not using at least the DC port of SFA3 Upper kinda sucks.

THATS RIGHT! It was a DC release! lol

Well the advertisement talks about “Arcade Perfect Port” so thats likely why Double Upper was not considered since it was a home release.

Why online play for Hyper Fighting instead of Alpha 2? It always felt to me like Alpha 2 had the bigger community.

Capcom is honestly getting their shit together.

They probably went with “ok, only 4 games with online, what’s popular”. Hyper Fighting and Super Turbo HD Remix were some of the best selling XBLA games last gen, so those were proven. Third Strike was a no brainer. So they probably picked between A2 and A3. Even though the SF2 series is my favorite, I’d give A2 online play over HF. Here’s hoping there’s some hidden stuff in this compilation like Hyper SF2 and Ultra SF2.

I just fanboyed

Skeptical of “arcade perfect” ports (ie random input delay etc)
Skeptical of netcode quality & matchmaking.

Excited about concept. I would absolutely buy this and support it if it turns out OK.

Things that would get me on board a lot faster:
Cross-platform play. This never happens, though, because (…?)
GGPO netcode. It was literally designed with Alpha 2 as a test game. What are we doing.

Im pretty sure most (if not all) of these releases are getting GGPO unless were downgrading 3S to the Xbox OG release.

SFV got Crossplay between PS4 and PC. No reason they can’t do it again.

But, they haven’t (ie. MvC Infinite), and probably won’t this time, either.

SF5 is the exception and not the rule, and that’s still only one console to PC. I would be happy to see it, I doubt very much that I will (this isn’t just a Capcom thing, this is basically everybody, and I’d bet the problem is on the Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo end).

Anyway, not to shit on a game that literally doesn’t exist yet…

Lack of online play for Alpha 2 is bullshit.

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No HSF2 Anniversary?

They should have released this on last gen also, this kind of tempts me to get a ps4 but I think I will give it a miss

Maybe the other games will be in there as secrets, like in SF Alpha Anthology.

Sooooo… EVO staff, any chance of these 4 at next evo? Or any side dedicated tourney?