Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


With their prior history? Yeah. Of course it’s like that. Haha.


Whatever floats your boat I guess. I consider myself to be fairly knowledgable about the SF2 series. Super Turbo and its offshoots (HSF2, HDR, USF2) in particular. While I don’t really care for USF2 as a whole I acknowledge that it was, from a technological standpoint, fairly perfect. The only thing I consider Capcom to have fucked up on was an incomplete changelog and only releasing it for the Switch.


Yeah I would say that the sf2 series does have the best ports when it comes down to it. I can agree with that.


If that’s the case than the developer could hunt down a commercial copy of the game and reverse engineer it. This is what Blue Point games did whenever they did HD ports.


It’s not going to be 101 percent perfect. Might as well accept that.


Screw arcade perfect, I’m just hoping they are good online and don’t have any glaring issues. They have to at least be as good as fightcade for me to take them seriously at all.

A floor from USF2? Congratulations! You have discovered an extra game of the collection!

Just joking. Or not. I wonder what did they mean by "plenty of surprises"


As long as Sirlin isn’t somewhere in the credits, we should be good lol.


I’m not even hating on ports really. I’m just saying that if it’s not going to be arcade perfect (which a lot of you are saying it obviously won’t be) then they need to not advertise it as such.

My main issue though. Again. Back to 3SO. Is that these ports may have issues that aren’t in other versions of the game. Like how 3SO can sometimes drop EX inputs and for some reason hit confirms are harder in that port compared to the original. Which just makes me not want to play it because what was suppose to be a safe ex fireball came out as a normal fireball and cost me the round. Lol.

I’m not saying they will have those kinds of problems. Hell. I’m just cautiously optimistic about this collection. I want it to do well.


What are the exact parameters for “arcade perfection”? Is it even possible? Has any arcade title truly been perfectly ported?


Would dreamcast
aomi titles count?


For capcom fighters, capcom generation vol.5 on Saturn jp is probably perfect.
Maybe the Noami ports on the Dreamcast as Crazy Taxi.
F-Zero AX on the Gamecube is likely arcade perfect.

This collection is once again outsourced to digital eclipse. The likelihood this becoming arcade perfect is nonsense.
I agree with Foolinfection about them false advertising it.


Isn’t it quite possible that the short blip of a clip used was just footage from usf2 hastily thrown in. Or would there be other visual differences that I am not aware of? (Differently designed health bars etc.)


Seriously, who gives a shit about arcade perfect? Sf2, ce, turbo, Super Turbo, and Alpha 3 are the only sf games I actually SAW in arcades when they came out. Everything else either was a no-show in my state until I had the console version long enough to get tired of it (Sf3 New Generation, Alpha 2), or not ar all (Alpha 1, 2nd Impact, 3rd Strike).

The console ports we got of these games is pretty much all we remember at this point. Give us those if you have to, don’t fuck up, and we’re good. Wish they’d packed Alpha Anthologies into this…never got a chance to try that.


Just peed a little in my pants…I think it’s pee. Can’t wait to get back in 3S and I happen to have the Xbox 1. I’m going out on a limb and saying that’s where the tougher competition will be? PS3 3S OE was okay but most of the high level players videos seemed to be from Xbox 360 side. I don’t really care about “arcade perfect” but my idea of arcade perfect is actually having the original music, not the arranged songs like they did on 3S OE and no access to it. Also, access to arcade specific items like “Event mode” and whatever else you could do with the arcade.

We can split hairs on arcade perfect but even playing on literal machines, guys still complained about the stick and button feel. I’m just glad Capcom is actually giving us this.


If you want arcade perfect console ports, you pretty much need to buy a NeoGeo.
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology was close enough to arcade for me, and that was two console generations ago.
If they can’t meet that standard, then they aren’t trying.


I’d assume it implies that the general feel, input delay, game speed, the visuals, music/sound quality, framedata / combo possibilities are all kept exactly the same as the original arcade releases


Bolded: that one was something IG managed to reproduce in arcade 3S, and the hit confirms being harder is probably mostly related to hardware differences iirc.

I believe there are some hitbox differences in 3SO (Hugo splash), though, and I if I’m not mistaken Yun was accidentally buffed because Genei Jin scaling somehow worked differently than in arcade.


Well, not always the “original arcade release”, since most SF games have multiple arcade versions/revisions with minor differences and people don’t want the “wrong one”

Just give me a good port with good extras and netcode and I’ll be fine

People who really care about ST competitively will still use arcade boards of the japanese version for tournaments anyway, so why bother?

Like people said here, it will probably be “arcade perfect” for 99% of the audience


I own multiple versions of 3S on different hardware. And all I can say is that 3SO is the only version of game where I have problems doing EX moves. Not on ps2. Not on dreamcast. Not emulated. And definitely not on the cps3 board. That’s all I can answer to that. I know what Iron Galaxy said but myself and other people still only have that problem in their port.