Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


The Switch app is strictly for communication with people on your friends list. If Capcom adds in lobbies, you’ll be able to set it up as Capcom formats it. In Ultra SFII, there are no lobbies but you can create a room and wait for challengers.


That still blows my mind that USF2 didn’t have lobbies. Didn’t Capcom pretty much invent the “quarter match lobby”?


People say to those that haven’t bought usf2 yet not to bother. But I got it for Xmas. I’m old skool and so I like it. But discovered a bit of a sour taste for people’s choice on ranked characters. V.ken no explanation needed. But seriously do people that rank up highly using him actually rate them self at this game? Without the shadow step crossover and op DP then they are average at best.
And then there’s akuma. I’m not so mad at him cos he’s still an OG. But what I hate is that they get an attacking player and play defensive for the win with air fireballs from distance followed with standing fireball. And because he falls faster than he did in HD remix, by the time you dealt with the second fireball the air one is coming and your hit trying to get close. One you Close in. They Jump back and repeat. You see when you do get close a lot of these players seem to panick and then warp back away from you.

I know the rank don’t really mean anything to some but there’s some up the board who don’t really belong there. My main losses is only ever to a v.ken or akuma. I’d be on 4000 points by now put me in the top 60 overall. But instead sit 235. Mostly from t.hawk who is not even my top 6 choice. And shotos even ran from him


Welcome to SRK.

Things will make sense in time.


I’m excited for this release, I miss playing some Third Strike online!


I haven’t touched a Street Fighter game in years, but I’ll be coming back when this game is released on Steam.


New info on Anniversary Collection. Seems these are straight direct ports of the arcade games. No extra modes. Essentially like playing an emu.


Arcade perfect is what was delivered and these look very good. I’m glad to see scanlines are available. Game Informer talked a Switch-exclusive tournament mode that uses multiple systems connected via wireless which guides players through bracket play. That seems cool. I’m just ready for the release date announcement.


ST seems to be running at whack speed settings. It might be the video editing/framerate but I also think fireballs have weird collusion check 17:33 .


Not gonna be surprised if things are off. No reason to expect 100 percent emulation.


I’m going to be extremely picky and nitpick here. Seeing alpha three with the alpha 2 promotional art as the bezel is strange, seeing CE bezel art for world warrior was strange also wtf was the bezel for super turbo, wtf was the speed for super turbo. Sad to see changed guile’s stage. No cabinet artwork around the stick and buttons, or on the side of the cabinet? Would be cool if we could change cabinets to big blue or astro city. Nothing about this seems “perfect”, super duper lazy. I love the fact that i’ll be getting all of these games but come on man


I also wonder if CPS1 chain combos are still in their respective games


After looking at some of the hands on videos, I am disapointed in the filter selection, it seems very scarce IMO.


Capcom has this set up at Final Round. Anyone going?

ST did look a bit fast for Turbo 1. Hopefully it doesn’t look like that in person. Don’t throw away your dreamcasts just yet!


The next anniversary version compilation should have.

SFA2 with Online
Hyper SF2
and PSP version A3 for more characters

The bezel side should contain the players side name, rank and number of match victories with the current opposing player.

If this would lack a console style versus mode, because of being a direct arcade rom port.

A new Challenge System should be implemented on Arcade mode, Whenever someone challenge a player, The challenged player have the option to change character. Similar to previous Tekken challenge system in it’s Arcade Cabs.

MVC2 PS3 Filters

TBH I prefer also an HD updated (HUD) Life Bar, Fonts and Super Gauge like that was done recently on USF2 but I believe it need a huge amount of work.

For Noobs/Casual:

A Pad Mode that has high optimized controls for pads players that are used to 4 button layout, MP and MK are activated during the second tap of there Light versions or by press holding the Light version of the normals. Much like how ST revival on GBA.

A Easy Mode much like SF collection that was released IOS years ago, that every button with a single direction can now execute a special move rather than motion plus button.


Bezel Art is kinda mix SF2 arts not uniformed to it’s particular game.


Gonna bomb some tweets from Chen about the collection so far. Training and vs for all games should hit launch.



Thank the maker for jchensor. Can’t wait for 30AC now.


Sounding good so far. No complaints about the speed which is reassuring.