Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)

This is great news! I’m hoping for HDRemix lobbies, nice and basic, no kicking out people and stuff. I do like the USF2 statistics, wouldn’t mind having that in the online games.

So it looks like we’re losing out on the following characters in this version of A3

  • Guile
  • T Hawk
  • Fei Long
  • DeeJay
  • Evil Ryu
  • Eagle
  • Maki
  • Yun
  • Ingrid

That’s quite a hefty chuck of the roster missing, all because chances are this collection will use Vanilla A3 and not Upper, and Capcom never bothered to rerelease A3 Max anywhere outside PSP

This is possibly the biggest disappointment I have about the collection, I could live without A2 having online play

I agree, I always liked A2 more than A3

But it’s a great package anyway

Some of those are from the home version of vanilla A3, everyone above Eagle on your list. Depending on whether or not they really did a direct arcade port, those home version characters may have made it in.

Yeah I’m thinking the first four should make it in at least.

There were a bunch of balance changes (notably V-ism nerfs) and stuff between the A3 arcade version and the A3 home version, correct?

IIRC they nerfed all of the full screen Vism combos and took out crouch cancel infinites.

Slightly disappointed there won’t be any balls-to-the-wall hilariousness that was Hyper SF2 or Hyper Street Fighter Alpha.

HSF2 should been there and A2 should have been OL with A3.

HF was a good title and successful title too.

Awesome. Just had to wait 20 years for this to come out. I don’t mind having spent thousands of dollars on actual arcade equipment, just make sure they are good ports. There is no reason for ST to ever die. USF2 and HDR should have never counted for anything. Leave my SF alone David “Yomi” Sirlin.

Now lets hope they do this for the versus series

Does anybody know whether Street Fighter 3: Second Impact has native widescreen like in the arcades and what version of Street Fighter Alpha 3 (CPS2, Upper {with Fei Long and Balrog}, or Double Upper {with Eagle and Yun}) is in the 30th anniversary collection?

I really don’t want to get inferior versions that I will never play despite the convenience of everything being in the same place.

P.S. Never understood the love for Super Turbo, New Challengers has everything Super Turbo offers and more unless you enjoy animation frames being tossed to the wind and crappy ex-type supers.

Currently crossplay really only benefits PC users because console manufacturers don’t want to make any agreement about it. In Rocket League PC players can play against PS4, XB1 and (soon) Switch players but these can’t play between them. Epic Games actually accidentally activated crossplay between PS4 and XB1 for Fortnite, yet it was disabled and they made clear that there’s a long road before convincing Sony and Microsoft to seal the deal. So the technology is clearly already there and it’s only held back by the stubbornness of console manufacturers.

As a PC players, I can clearly say that crossplay is one of the main things that kept me playing SFV for a long time, and the lack of it is what turns me away from lot of titles like MvCI where the playerbase on PC is small and is soon taken over by veterans. I really can’t bother going on discords and begging people for games when in many other games I can just login and get a game with any random dude within seconds.

About 30th anniversary collection, I’m really happy we might be able to finally play those titles on a proper client on the main PC gaming hub instead of a shitty outdated emulator only the hardcore fans know about. A bigger playerbase will make those games way more enjoyable.
My concerns about it currently are:

  • will the netplay be on par with GGPO?
  • are they just straight arcade ports or will there be added characters/functionalities from the home versions? I know nostalgia blahblah but I can’t see how you can release a fighting game in 2018 without things like a training mode.
    It’s bad we didn’t get titles like Alpha 2 as playable online but at least we got the “main” competitive titles out there. I will take it as a chance for me to dig deeper into the older titles that I never played seriously.

What do you mean SFIII was natively widescreen? It was meant to be played on a 4:3 monitor.

Also, have fun playing Super by yourself lol.

No, only Second Impact had native widescreen available. If I wanted to play New Challengers with others, I could already do so with FightCade.

From my understanding all CPS games were kind of widescreen, but then squished when hooked up to an arcade monitor.

CPS3 version of Second Impact had an exclusive setting that changed the game to be 16:9 instead of the the usual 4:3.

Seems too good to be true.

With regards to arcade perfect ports, i’ll belive it when i see it
Something makes me wonder though if you look and listen to the trailer why does the sound not match up to the game

At 52 seconds
At 1: 21
At 1:25

And who gives a shit about chracter’s in alpha 3 upper most of them were shit anyway.

It’s nice to finally have a version of giant attack that’s not on a piece of shit console at last, hope they don’t fuck this up

I care. There is fuck all for me to do in the Alpha series outside of playing some Fei Long in Alpha 3 Upper or Double Upper. Every other character I play is better in another title.

There has never been an SF game that was ported to console and ended up being arcade perfect. Something was always slightly off (speed mostly).

I seriously hope they use the version of GGPO that we saw in DS and MVC:O. No online for A2 sucks, but at least the better alpha game has netplay!

A lot of people seem to be forgetting Alpha 3 Upper got an arcade release on the Naomi board. No Eagle or Ingrid (psp version) but the excuse for Capcom isn’t there.