Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


I didn’t know Cody could do that in Street Fighter Alpha. This is pretty cool.


V-Cody can even dodge the whole Shin Psycho Crusher from Shin Bison. It’s pretty hilarious


Hey capcom, if you’re listening please fix the PS4 matchmaking!!! The higher in rank you get, the less matches you have. I’ve been staring at blanka spin for 15 min at a time to get matched up with the same 5 people over and over again. I know there’s more people online than this


Shoutouts to “Poison” on PC 3S, for lagging our game down to 5 FPS and still losing every single time.

Shoutouts to “Splendid” on PC 3S, for using shortcuts for instant supers, turbo and who knows what else.

And good games to everyone else I’ve run into. Longest streak I’ve gone on against varied opponents since day 1 Yatagarasu. Shame to have it end due to a “splendid” cheater. Not that rank matters much, since I already know who my walls are in 3S.

Community tends to be small though. I imagine Fightcade will still likely be the best places to get matches going. Especially if ranking up too high results in just the same 5 opponents, who may or may not be on at the time. Sort of the reason ranked isn’t used in GG as well, small community games don’t really mesh well with ranked.


Not sure and not sure how credible maxmillion is but if the japanese are getting their own version, I wonder how it will compare to what we got


Is it just me or is there some type of lag in ST online? I havent played offline but I don’t remember it being that hard to react to hondas headbutt with an anti air from full screen compared to hd remix.


yes it is. but it’s gonna be the same game by the same devs, just with the japanese rom versions instead of the US ones. only real advantage there would be to have a normal AI in the arcade mode of Super Turbo.


I didn’t buy this yet…


I was most excited to play Alpha 3 again, but I miss all the console stuff they added.

I’m actually having the most fun playing USF IV again. What a blast getting back to this game.


Did you already change the input lag in the online options menu? By default, it is set to 3 (frames I think).


That’s the first thing I did


Maybe it’s your display? Have you done comparisons between games (if possible)?


I don’t think it’s the display, it’s an old ASUS monitor I got about 7 years ago.

As for comparison to HDR, it’s not possible at the moment. I don’t even have my ps3 anymore.


ST question I’ve always wondered about: Is it impossible to reversal Balrog’s super (while you are blocking) except for grapplers? I’ve seen Zangief reversal super and I think T.Hawk can grab him too, but I’ve never seen anything else.


Cross Post. Everyone try this on SF1 for Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection:

No, back in 2005/2006 there was one of those all in one classic arcade games (UltraCade) at the local arcade. I did it on that machine (with the built in arcade stick; don’t know if it works on pad). Anyways, by accident I did the Kaiser Wave move (f,b,db,d,df,f + punch) and got the hadouken to come out 95% if not 100% of the time…


Funny, I was just thinking about this. Rog’s super is -4 on block, so outside of Gief and Hawk, only very quick long range options work. CigarBoB landed Sim’s close crouching MK on me the other day. Looking it up it only has one frame of startup so you can mash after the last hit of Rog’s super lands. I’d guess other likely suspects would be Ken’s fierce SRK (which might not knock down and leave you vulnerable even if you hit) and Blanka’s fierce horizontal ball (which if it doesn’t kill Rog would be able to punish).


30th will die out in like 30 days…


I remember that cab! Embarrassing to say but that was the cab that I found out about cvs2. It was at a military PX/internet cafe in 2004.


why? I know there’s FightCade, 3s OE, then some ST technicalities but the other features for other games is still superior for casual audience that made it standout.

If they patch an online mode alpha 2 that would be a surprised game changer too, but that’s unlikely.


Just use negative edge to do moves in sf1. Holding the button then releasing after the motion works really well.