Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


Unless I’m imagining things, there’s definitely some type of input lag for 3s, even offline.

I have a 10% chance of landing Yuns genei Jin corner combo. Last I remembered, it wasn’t that hard. The overhead flip kick requires you to eyeball it. Too slow, opponent will drop out, too fast, it whiffs.


3S feels good to me. Someone tested the input lag and got something like 4 frames, which is not bad at all.


Ryu can actually hit a sweep after Boxers super but it has to be timed perfectly


Make sure you’re playing without filters. I noticed input lag in ST for sure when I first got the game, turned off scanlines and it’s much better.


He can dodge all mid attacks in Vism up to a certain point. I can’t remeber the exact number, but after that he goes on cooldown period to where can’t dodge miss and is forced to block like everyone else.

There is definitely extra input delay online even at 0. I’ve noticed it particularly in all of the games online especially with 3s to the point where I miss tech rolls 99% of the time. It’s very annoying and I hope they’re working on a patch to fix these delay issues.


Hrm. Never noticed that shoto sweep is only 3 frame startup. No wonder its so damn effective lol. Still, like you said, has to literally be timed to a frame. That’s pretty tough.



It looks like it depends on the timing?


Whoa, cool! I’ll have to give this a shot. I was thinking I could use a dragon punch to get out while I was blocking the super (I play O.Ryu) but this is even better.


I’ve never ever seen this happen. Any video?


It depends on where he does the super from and you have to reversal after the first 2 punches I believe. Uppercut is probably the best option if you’re O.Ryu. I’ve seen Guile super in the middle of Boxers super many times as well.


I haven’t ether. The way the game handles frame skips, that may not even be possible to do 100% of the time even if timed perfectly.


We were talking about something different from the random lag that happens after the 2nd or 3rd hit of Rog’s super. We were talking about blocking a full Rog super and punishing after the last hit because it is -4 on block. The entire cast can fuck Rog up if the 2nd or 3rd hit lags IIRC.


This one of those ‘if the game isn’t on the big stage at every major with 2,000 participants it’s pretty much dead’ things? Cause you should know 95% of the appeal is the convenient, mostly faithful collection of a ton of Street Fighter games on modern gen consoles. It’s not supposed to revive some retro scene, though I suspect little side tourneys just got a lot easier for some. And for the rest of the world; they got a damn ton of Street Fighter games on a modern gen console. Can’t beat that with a stick. PS4 owners in particular have just about every SF game on one console.

I dunno. Maybe get over it?


Yeah I know, but then a video was posted of Deejay throwing Boxer out of his super during blockstun. Guess Telmarine hadn’t seen it before but it happens a lot.

The sweep punish after Rog’s super is blocked isn’t that common to see so I can’t think of any videos of it off the top of my head but it’s definitely possible.


Yeah, I can’t recall ever seeing a standard throw getting him out of the super. I’ve seen Zangief do it plenty of times with a pile driver. I was just wondering if I had any options when I end up blocking the super.


Yeah, to my knowledge it’s completely random if that gap happens or not.
You don’t lose anything from mashing throw there though. If the frame skip doesn’t happen it’s a true blockstring, so you won’t get hit.

Oh, and how the fuck does the A3 custom combos actually work? You can cancel specials into normals to loop shit?


A3 combos works like this:

-there are a few shadow that mimics everything you do but only the last shadow actually hits you. Think of it as Yangs sei enbu super. Weak punch and kick activation will make the shadow attack almost immediately after you while heavy punch and kick activation will make your shadow attack a few seconds after you do your attack. This can lead to unblockables (shadow hits high, you hit low and vice versa)

-normals does more/scales less than specials

-opponent can’t tech out of your combo as long as you keep on moving/doing something. Any time there’s a pause, they can tech out. That’s why stuff like crouch cancels and walk cancels exist

-huge ass invincibility during activation. The more bar you have the higher the invincibility.

-only one projectile on screen at once (two if you count your shadow), unlike in A3 where you can fire 9 fireballs at once.

-can’t cancel slides into itself except for Vega.

I’ll post more later.


Thanks, that helped clarify things.

I started practicing some basic shit with Ryu now, I manged to do something like:
LP+LK > LP DP xx b.HP xx hadoken (xx s.HK xx hadoken) xN
for some seemingly okay damage in the corner. I can’t for the love of fuck do the grounded loop Alex Valle does here though, I can’t figure out the timing to cancel f.MK to hado and it kills me. Looks like a really useful loop though since you can get it blocked and force mixups from it.

The system seems really fun though, looking forward to figuring out stuff like midscreen AA-combos.


VC1 and make sure you aren’t doing red fireballs. There’s a specific timing where you cancel the end of the animation of the hop kick to a fireball


The Jamaica stage music makes me want to blow my brains out by now. Same stage over and over and over and over again.