Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


Hey capcom, if you’re listening fix this fucking game!!! Talking about super turbo…

Lobbies don’t work
Ranked takes FOREVER to get a match(at higher rank)
And the game’s too fast(compared to arcade)

SOOOO close to being the best online version out there but I am wasting my life away waiting 15-20 min at a time to get a ranked match. Adding insult to injury, making a lobby with good players disconnects instantly.


@x64 only like 8 peeps:

Also, someone should post this on YouTube after Battle 06. On Battle 06 and beyond my M.Bison/Vega/Dictator owns his Akuma/Gouki/Grandmaster:

This is on FightCade:



there is some discussion going on about speed differences in ST. does someone know or could check how long the timer needs for a timeout (turbo2 US = turbo3 Jap, stage of your choice, both players doing nothing)? then we could compare it to this collection. I can only find match footage from arcade machines or supergun but I fear the gameplay causes specific slowdowns I can’t replicate. would be interesting to know. some people claim ST would run significantly faster than the real deal.


So how’s the collection so far?

Are the ports accurate?
Is the online good?
Will this replace the arcade cabs?


I am told that top players have confirmed via testing that 30AC Turbo 1, (as displayed on the VS screen because in the settings, it will say speed 2) is equivalent to US turbo 2, and Jpn turbo 3. This would be the tournament standard if it were to be used. It would make things much easier than trying to secure arcade boards, cabs and additional hardware.

online play is a bit too fast but very good IMO. some things need to be fixed which I stated above.


Does anybody remember what conditions one has to accomplish in order to get the ending screen with all the characters victory Poses in SSF2?


Finish the game without losing a round?


Thanks for the answear!



Looking forward to the new update.

Things I’d like to see improved:

  • Better network support, ability to specify type of connection in ranked is vital
  • “Confirm to exit” a Lobby
  • Auto-spectate should be default
  • More than 4 per lobby
  • Blacklisting/avoidance list
  • Better Stage randomization
  • On PC, hitting Alt-Enter should toggle fullscreen/windowed. Currently you can Alt-Enter for getting to Windowed, but not going back to fullscreen.
  • Easier way disabling retro screen effects. Scanlines are fine, but the blurring just looks like ass


Agreed with most of the above. Fullscreen thing bugs me a lot on Steam.

Would also be nice to see…

  • Default to yes for rematch instead of default to no
  • option to confirm opponent for ranked match like SF5, Guilty Gear Xrd etc (see bars like when joining lobby)
  • a list of players available players open for ranked/casual match (see sf4, fightcade etc)

Etc etc.


First and foremost they need to fix the input delay and the stuttering with less than optimal connections. Then I’d like to see pings and a list to choose from for ranked matches, but they’ll need to anonymize it like HDR in order to prevent scrub hunting.


I still don’t get how Alpha Anthology, a 12 year old title, has a better training mode than this game.

No button to reset training mode really sucks.


because likely they are using scripts to make the arcade rom interpret like a training mode to preserve the arcade experience. Unlike those that are develop from the ground up for the console like Alpha Ant.


That’s what I feel. By dragging the pure arcade code there isn’t as much room to modify the training options.


So it’s kinda considerable on that area. In fact it’s likely an improvement for those that concern the arcade experience as priority as much as possibility rather than having console ports or just having arcade roms that needs to setup to load scripts as often.


I thought they used the arcade rom in alpha anthology also. If I recalled correctly, there was even an insert coin display for alpha anthology.


Question, Have any of you faced players moving to both sides in rapid succesion? Specially on 3rd strike, like if they are using some kind of input method to auto parry or something.

I have seen them being more prevalent on switch (and I don’t think I’ve lost to one of them so far), but was wondering if they simply held the left stick while playing with the “d-pad”.


Not sure has anyone noticed or care but there are some graphical tweaks in ST.

The flag on Fei Long’s stage is the current one for Hong Kong :hong_kong:. The old one had a Union Jack since Hong Kong was still a British crown colony.


Why is 'gief’s stage still not updated with flags like fei…

guile’s air force logo on his stage is not the same…

Wish me luck, I’m in the NWM ToL3 quals…