Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


the sprite alteration isn’t something big that can cause slowdowns because of the resolution of those stuff.



I am currently debating purchasing this game. Is there a good number of people playing ST?
Is the PC version crossplatform?


None of them are crossplatform.


I hope the next “th” compilation would be crossplatform.


The PC version has good comp and has regional matching, which seems to be missing on the console versions.


So I’ll know its you if you use O.Bison?


@Ouroborus, I did notice the Hong Kong flag update for FeiLong on both Super and ST, I guess they did not bother to update Zangief´s flag to Russia because of the old announcers voice (who says USSR). For Ultra SF2 they did update Zangief´s but they had a new announcer recording all of the voiceover anyways so they slip in ¨Russia¨ while they were at it.


Agree with these changes. Also leave game selection where it last was on ranked. Once I pick ST it should stay there.


Or Claw, Old Dhalsim, Shotos, Cheap Li, New Dictator…

I wonder if they will bring a Supergun or an arcade setup. Back in October they had some Supergun or Jamma board, but not all fightsticks worked, so then we had to borrow other people’s sticks which would be a nightmare when they need to use the sticks themselves, then we have to wait around and such…

In 30th Guile’s stage has this logo on the concrete:

instead of this logo:

Looks like they put the SF5 logo in 30th:

Funny how then the US Air Force changed their logo from:


Could just be a coincidence…

They still use the former logo on their planes though…


Yeah, actually they also put that SF5 ¨Air Force¨ logo on USF2 (wether you play in classic or HD graphics).


^ As someone else noted the character shadows are now transparencies, also. That’s not a thing CPS hardware could do.

Got a chance to play 30th on PS4 the other day- definitely felt different than fullscreen Steam version? Maybe it was the monitor or the sticks or something, but there seemed to be more input delay. Is there anyone with multiple versions of the game who can do some casual testing?

Speaking of sticks…I couldn’t get my stick with a PS360+ PCB to work on PS4. Even in games that don’t have legacy support, I can sometimes get it to work by forcing PS4 mode, but no dice. Is this a real thing or is it a problem on my end? People playing on Brooks and other multi-console PCBs, you guys seem to be fine?


Can’t you adjust the input delay in the settings? I heard that was a thing, only issues is lowering the input delay will increase the chances of rollback


Yeah there’s an input delay adjustment in the options.


So yea, @x64, you’ll be who? Honda?


No, totally using o.gief. Yes, honda.


On the latest PS360+ firmware the only PS4 support not counting legacy (which I guess you’d force PS3 mode for) is via 8-minute timeout mode (i.e. ps4 mode disconnects after 8 minutes and you have to force reconnect). This mode isn’t default. Here’s akishop’s firmware notes:

“Removed autodetection of PS4 for easier compatibility with SG drivers. PS4 8 min. mode forced ONLY with 1P+1K. PS3 BC forced ONLY with 1P+2P. If using on PS4 in 8 minute mode, you only have to force on initial plug in. Soft reset does not affect the mode.”

IMO PS360+ is worthless for PS4. I’d upgrade to a PS4 brook board in a heartbeat.


The game froze twice when I played a hyubal mirror match and only happened during the mirror match.

I guess the code can’t handle the craziness or god is frowning us for hyouballing.


I have it for all 3 systems and xbone is absolutely terrible with the input delay. In fact, 3s feels like the old SFAC. Not sure if it’s the input delay on PS4 or what, but I do find myself missing VCs and there seem to be input drops. I haven’t played too much on PC but PS4 definitely has the best comp. when it comes to A3 at least.


How are the lobbies coming along for y’all? I’ve been trying to get a lounge going with no dice.