Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


Man, it’s real tough finding Hyper Fighting/Super Turbo matches now on Switch. Since I’ve ranked up so high, finding a ranked match (especially with a good connection) is very very tough. Unless the same like 10 people happen to be playing when I’m searching for a match, nothin’. I even just suffer through some of the choppy matches because that person is literally the only other person that I match up with. Haven’t tried lobbies, but there are usually only 1-3 active at a time, but for all games. I’m only interested in Street Fighter 2.

I’m tempted to get the game on PC too because of the better player base (maybe bigger? no idea), but it’s gotta be on sale first. Hoping that patch just eventually matches you up with whomever after a certain amount of time has passed with no matches.


I played you online. ggs.


They should fix it on PS4 so people you play appear in the players met section. I was wondering why I haven’t gotten any people talking shit about my scrubby ST Vega.


Yeah Hyper Fighting is really hard to find matches. If i play early mornings im playing mostly Euro peeps & thats some laggy matches. If i cant get any matches i usually hop on ST but everytime i play im always fighting against HOndas.

Zangief vs Honda matchup is probably the most frustrating hopeless matchup. Why is the headbutt so strong against gief. cr. Jab & Lariat seem to fail 8 out 10 times if im lucky. Hyper Fighting, HDR, & Ultra you can react to it but in ST is just stupid random luck.


Both ST and Super versions of Honda have an easier go against Gief due to worse lariat IMO.


After 3 or 4 years of playing Blanka at locals and major tourneys before the 09 resurgence, pretty much decided that I’m just going straight to Guile and ST Claw now. Having a fireball character is just too important in ST to deal with Honda (Guile isn’t even top tier and bodies Honda) and ST Claw fits my style and is top tier. I’m sure Zangief’s struggle is somehow even worse than Blanka’s. I remember getting bopped up by Ultra David’s Gief in ST when I would have him over to play, but it was obvious it was his play more than the character.


Blanka vs Honda in ST is just stupid. All he needs to do once he has a life lead is hold downback and simply react to everything you do with jab headbutt. Gief vs Honda is unfortunately even worse.


honda uses the same strategy vs every non fireball characters.

vega and balrog vs honda is more even due to how fast they are and hyubal vega is somewhat effective.


Just pick sim rog and/or claw. They have no bad matches as far as I know.

Chun is a pain for rog and sim but not enough to call it a counter pick.

I want to learn t Hawk for that setplay and also I miss using him from hdr, but fuck dealing with Honda, guile and cammy.


So i tried playing Hyper Fighting all day today, only got 4matches & obviously from another country…How is the Hyper Fighting in PC, xb1, & Switch?


Same deal with XB1. There is zero region locking, making for extremely painful matches with foreigners. Steam however seems to have region based matching, so very nice over there. ST seems to run at the correct speed too.


You forgot New Dictator and Old Dictator. New Ken too…


I’ll try playing HF for a bit tonight on Steam and see what I get. On launch I was usually getting people quickly. Just sometimes noticed I was getting the same person more frequently than other games.


So i started playing like 15 minutes ago on PC in SF2 HF. It’s definitely start of work hours for US and still was able to get 5 sets with 4 different people to fight in ranked for HF in those 15 minutes. Only took 30 to 45 seconds to find a match. If I can get 4 different people to play against in old ass SF during the beginning of work I’d say it’s still active on PC.

First match was laggy as all fuck (probably pulled someone from the North Pole), but the other 3 were really solid.


I think it has more to do with the ranking/matchmaking. When i first started i would get matches constantly without any wait but when i moved up in certain rank, i get stuck playing the same 10 people. I’ll probably pick it up for Steam to have an alternative player base.


Sim has one truly bad matchup, vs. Claw.

Claw, Boxer and Chun are the most stable characters. Everyone else has at least one matchup that sucks.


If you one of those people who doesn’t care about rank, is it easy to derank?


I don’t even like the idea of having ranked matchmaking in a game with such a limited player base. Just play whoever and add the ones you want to play against to your friends list.


I dont really care about the rank either. These games are too old for me to care anymore. Back when I used to play 3S and HSF2 online on OG Xbox the ranking system was so bad that it didn’t even matter. You just played to gain matchup/player experience and that was.

Games like SFV and KI have easier rankings to take seriously because they penalize excessive droppers and have more league/moba like ranking systems. You actually see your progression and it carries well to prepare you for an event.


Am I crazy, or is there a decent amount of input delay offline? I’ve played WW, CE, HF, ST, and 3S, and they all feel delayed. Strangely enough, it seems even worse offline (I put online at 0 and played someone 90 miles away).

I bought a Hori RAP V to play the game, and it felt perfectly fine on Xbox360 3S:OE (on a CRT). Bring the stick over to Xbox One (with 9ms delay Benq lcd) and complete difference. This delay I feel is definitely way more than an extra 9ms. Feels like multiple frames.

So it’s either the Hori RAP V has delay only in Xbox One mode, or 30th Anniversary is the problem. I’ll eventually test the stick on a PC arcade emulator like fightcade’s as well, but just curious if anyone else with the same stick feels the same way, or if the game is the problem.