Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


There are people who have done tests and say that there is only 1 or 2f difference between arcade and 30th but… I don’t believe them? If it is only 1 or 2 frames I shouldn’t be able to feel the difference at all. Also I don’t know about everyone’s testing methodologies.


Chun loses to O.Gat though. It’s winnable, but it’s not fun. On the other hand, O.Gat vs Claw and Sim is really bad, so Chun is still more stable in terms of matchups.

The rest of the cast generally get fucked by Sim/Claw/O.Gat, and occasionally Honda if they don’t have a fireball.


I watch the Gamespot Versus matches and if someone like Mao’s Claw gets on the sticks he goes on like a 10 game streak before someone beats him.


Chun has a lot more 4-6 matches than balrog and vega. She loses to ryu also. maybe ken too.
t hawk probably beats her. typically any character that has a dp can give her trouble since her jump is so floaty.

Is Vega vs Sim really worse than 6-4?


You could very easily feel 1 frame difference, especially if you’re used to the game. The game feels like it has one extra frame of delay, but I do think the offline training mode runs poorly, and does feel more delayed, I agree with that. Probably Capcom doing something silly with the tact on overlays they added for it.

Also, anyone know what’s up with the highest rank visible being 2045? Not sure if this is true on PS4, but on PC, everyone in the top 7 for 3S just has 2045. So it’s hard to really tell what the difference is. On a win, I can see it getting to 2047, but it doesn’t show on the board. 2045 is definitely a threshold, you only get 2 points per win from there, but it’s weird they don’t show up. Considering someone above me has like 700 more games than me, I’d imagine they have quite a lot more than what’s shown.

I agree with ranked being pointless in a small community game. I grinded it a bit to derust and see what kind of players I would run into, since the playerbase might have new people who just swore off fightcade and such. Mostly just face the same players once you get to blackbelt. Playing sets is always my preference, though I admit, it’s nice having an option to log on, play a game or two, and then leave if I need to kill time. I always felt obligated to do at least FT5s if I played on fightcade.


More 4-6 matchups? Where?

Yes. Claw has faster movement and Sim’s outs against walldive are basically nonexistent. Even one Barcelona hit deals good damage and sets up looping okizeme. Sim has some nonsense of his own - A Claw stuck in a noogie loop is a dead Claw - but Claw’s is just orders of magnitude easier to start.

Kyouju vs. Mao:

Gian vs. Mao:

Opemai vs. Kyouju:

Opemai vs. Yoko:

Mao vs. Kyouju, 2nd take:

Gian vs. Opemai, 2nd take.


There’s 100% extra delay on Xbone. PS4, there’s less and less than that on PC but make sure you TURN OFF VSYNC. PC is the best version technically, but PS4 has the best/most competition.


:frowning: I really want this game to be good, but it’s not looking that way. Missing way too many combos/links, and multiple parry moves in 3S are nearly impossible. Even the easy two hit ex fireball is hitting me way too often. It’s very frustrating.


I full parried Akuma’s super the first time it came at me online in a sub optimal connection and I literally haven’t played the game in 2 years before now. Guess that means if I actually start playing again I shouldn’t be too bad off.


Did you get it for something other than Xbone then?

EDIT: nvm I just saw above you have it on PC


I’ve been dropping mad chicken combos with Oro (pretty much NEED a good connect to even attempt them. Yet, that I’ll blame more on me than the game. Unless I’m practicing them I always forget the timing.


This is 2018, stop blaming yourself, it’s the games/somebody else’s fault.


I thought I needed a jersey to do that? Or at least so people believe me.


Nope, all you need is a Twitter account.


I already knew it, but fuck, man! The Japanese players are just on another level of play. Really amazing.


If you want high level VODs to watch, Mao uploads FT5 sets between good players on niconico and someone reuploads them to youtube. MAO DB.


For 3s, I can’t figure out how to get out of makoto’s grab loop thing, if anyone knows, would appreciate the tip!


Hold up or mash dp and pray


Don’t get hit.


You mean before someone picks Akuma…