Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


I just did a REALLY rough test for giggles by recording myself pressing buttons using ST Guile and judging the actual input of the attack by my finger visually being on the button AND the transient part of the waveform from the sound the button press makes. This is just a very coarse estimate that could be off by 17 to 33ms, plus the ~3ms it takes the sound to travel from the button to my phone mic, and the average 9ms of monitor delay. Apparently it’s taking roughly 172 to 206 ms for Guile’s standing jab to hit. If I’m right this should be around 67ms (active on 4th frame). Just to be on the conservative side, that’s like 5 frames of delay on Xbox One. That’s worse than Crapcom Classics 2 was.

I have my Xbone video output at 1080p, which is my Benq monitor’s native resolution. All the fancy options on the monitor are off.

Has anyone done a more precise test on Xbone yet? I’m still wondering if it’s my stick’s Xbone mode or game.


CPS2 itself has 3-4f of lag, FWIW.


It’s both cool and weird seeing Srk having in depth discussions about Super Turbo so many years later


These games are like board games now like Chess or Backgammon. They’re just something people play and you just set up the board on the table and play it. Doesn’t need fancy graphics or electronics or a new version with extra pieces, just the game and your opponent.


I’m just glad that the community continues to keep it alive so whenever I get the itch to play it again, it’s still possible.


Except most of the hardcore ST community will never accept anything less than CPS2 hardware :confused:


Yes. The old school MK and SF games will last forever…


It’s been a little while, so my memory of exact data is a little off, but even if post-Hayate is just guessing games, there are things you can do to at least increase you chances. How well these work will depend on your character, and their individual jump start-up. I think most characters start up in 4 frames, but I know ones like Hugo start-up much later.

First advice, is when you get hit by Hayate, it’s important to recognize if she is actually in range for Karakusa. Generally speaking she will be, but depending on the number of repetitions of hayates she’s hitting you with during this mixup of hers, she will push herself out a bit sometimes, depending on the normals she’s using. This is mostly just knowledge you’ll pick up as you play against her. If she can’t Karakusa, her mix-up options are much worse, so it’s good to recognize when it does rarely happen.

That aside, what are your options?

  1. You could just try and DP. If you have one.
  2. If the Makoto isn’t quite up to snuff, or you’ve trained the player to hesitate, you can do a jump back parry to attempt to thwart some of her options. If Makoto doesn’t do frame precise pressure, to cover as many options as possible, you can…
  • Jump back
  • The moment you leave the ground do a aerial parry attempt. This will stop any grounded normals she used, if any.
  • Immediately after that parry attempt, use your fastest air to air normal. This is to stop Makotos who are trying to chase down jump back attempts.

Done correctly against a Makoto who isn’t attacking non-stop, you can get out fairly safely with this. Now Makoto being Makoto, she can actually react dash and grab you from this. If you anticipate that, you can NOT do the jump back normal after the parry attempt and just eat the aerial normal, if she pursues that way. Then you use your aerial normal on your return to the ground.

  1. Parry, then jump. Try and find the pattern in your opponent’s Hayate pressure. If they like to do 2LK->Hayate or 5LK->Hayate, or 5LP into tick throw Karakusa, you can select one of these parry options, then jump in a specific pattern. Basically, parry either forward or down, then go immediately to up. Done correctly (which is not easy), this will parry one of those grounded options, should she choose to do a normal, and jump over a Karakusa, should she choose to grab you. Her most common moves used after Hayate are 5 frame moves (4 start-up), and LK Karakusa starts up in 7 frames (active on 8), so you have a very small window between the 5th and 7th frame to go to up.

This option obviously loses to buttons the opposite of what you expected, delayed buttons, or even a raw throw from her. However, with Makoto, you’re always guessing, sadly.

It’s always going to be a guessing game, but the more options you can cover, the better.

Sadly, while I love Makoto as a character, she is bullshit as fuck in 3S. Easily one of the most fun characters to watch, to play, and is highly technical at high levels of play (Mimora is probably the most Makoto Makoto player ever, he does insane stuff with her, utilizing tricks only he bothers to learn. Don’t think he’s the best Makoto, but he’s definitely the only Makoto player playing her that personifies the character, much like RX Urien), but she is also the most bullshit character to play against.

Even mediocre Makotos are a huge threat to even the best player, since she can steal rounds like no one’s business. Going against Makoto, you are expected to be perfect, one mistake and you lose. I know it sounds impossible to not let that 11 frame dash in, but you’ve got to constantly be checking empty space with buttons, specifically ones which hit on the lower side, cause hey, her dash also low profiles a lot of standing normals.


When Vega was g̶o̶o̶d̶ godlike, Akuma was banned and Cammy was bottom tier. Things were good.


Noted! Thanks a lot :blush:


I did the same test with 3S:OE on 360 and it was only 1-2 frames delay compared to the 5ish in 30th Anniversary. The difference is night and day


Lol, ran into a guy on the Switch version who was using multiple accounts to disconnect from matches and preserve their precious record. The second I’d win the 2nd round, immediate disconnect. They were using another account to continue to disconnect because the game has some tally of disconnects before it punishes you. Since both our ranks are so high, it kept matching us up repeatedly, poor guy. Thus making them rack up lots of disconnects quickly. The accounts were “Toronto*” and I believe “Chinita Yu”. On the Switch version, one of those accounts had no losses as of last night. Gee, I wonder why…amazes me people care so much about the fucking record, lol.



the projected is…


So what is the best non-arcade Third Strike? (specifically regarding Local play)

SF3:Online Edition (is there a best OE?) or PC 30th Anniversary?

Another option?


CCC2 had 8 frames of delay.


That’s actually only 4 frames more than arcade, since the animation takes 4 frames to start.


They posted this a while ago, but announcement for eventual patch


If I go back and judge it with an animation change like NKI did, it’s taking roughly 130 to 140ms. That’s roughly 8 frames of delay. Take away the arcade’s inherent 3-4 frames of delay, that would mean I was wrong: Xbone version isn’t worse than CCC2. It’s the exact same delay as CCC2. Whoopsie my bad :roll_eyes:


I own CCC2 and the Xbox One version. I’ll beak the PS2 out tonight but going off my play time with ST in 30th it is WAY better feeling than CCC2.


All of the games feel substantially worst on xbone.