Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


how do you punish bison’s stomp?
is it just me or is bison really strong in alpha 3?


Air grab works for me.


tried air Ts, the timing seems kinda hard


It is.

Also you can dash or jump away. Better dodge than being hit.


Bison head stomp can’t really be punished on block by most characters. But it doesn’t track as well as head stomp/EX head stomp in SF4, so you can beat it with air to air normals. Not all characters have equally good air throws, attempt will work better with some characters than others.


Depends… all versions SF2 Bisons the head stomp is unpredictable…

Depending on opponent and whether it’s lk, mk, hk


He’s “strong” online because of his jump speed, good pokes and decent 1-button AAs. But yea, head stomp is good.


Capcom forgot the other canon game of the Street Fighter franchise, Final Fight!

Final Fight is pretty much the direct sequel to Street Fighter. It was called Street Fighter 89: The Final Fight!

In other words, Final Fight (arcade) should have been on 30th as well!


Final Fight’s season pass? A season pass by franchise…


It is in the Street Fighter franchise


That would be cool, since they talk about Final Fight quite a bit in the Museum in the game


i never knew guy & cody could jump walls in Final Fight too…


Talking about FF, have you seen the The Broken Gear: A Final Fight film ? No jump walls but some butts kicked.


how do I taunt in this game?
I always taunt on accident and have no clue how


Start button


Start button is mapped weird, though.
On PS4, it’s on the touchpad.


^ good to know


We need some OGs like MJ in this clip school the new blood in street fighter… oh, you think you good? OK…


Is this game dead already or what? I can’t find a match to save my fucking life.


Well if it’s like any of the other modern console online enabled rereleases then yes it’s most likely already dead and people already started going back to fightcade. Happens every time.