Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


Maybe it’s because of the filters?


It baffles me that people still think that a game will have a longer online life on console than it will on PC, even though the opposite is almost always the case.
Fightcade makes this a special case, but even then, this collection will still be on Steam long after Fightcade shuts down.


I went back to fightcade. It’s a decent port, but when you get to max rank, you just fight the same three people over and over again. The lobby system never works except if I’m inviting people to it, and it’s kind of crap at that.

Much prefer being able to chat mid-match in fightcade. Even though I usually don’t talk much on there, it lets me answer questions if my opponent has one.

I’ll still log on every now and again though. With how easy it is to climb ranks – I imagine eventually everyone will be max rank and then the amount of players I can play against will be decent again. Saw someone with like sub 50% win rate at the fabled 2045, so anything is possible.


Fightcade runs like shit for me, and Fightcade 2b doesn’t have very many players, so I was really hoping this collection would turn out well.


Also doesn’t help that most of the games in the collection run like shit compared to almost any other method of playing said games.


I wonder if he knows CPS1 and CPS2 games have like 4 frames of input lag on the hardware itself.


If you read the article and actually look at the chart you would see that the input lag and stability are graded as two separate things. The input delay may be the same as the arcade hardware (actually one frame slower than your statement). But your input timing will be entirely sporadic due to instability in the game processing the inputs. Games with lower stability percentages will basically eat and improperly time your inputs randomly. So in other words they run like shit.

For example. Samurai shodown and SFV has almost similar lag. But their stability ratings couldn’t be anymore different.


^ In general the version of FBA that Fightcade runs on has worse emulation than 30th (particularly on Windows 10). There are bigger issues with Fightcade 2.

However, 30th is more susceptible to being lagged by background processes on PC. Like if you are messing around with other programs while playing FBA/Fightcade you won’t see the game lag as much, compared to 30th (I assume 30th eats up more resources). In reality I don’t really consider it much of a strike against 30th, but everybody’s situation varies.

edit: ah, didn’t notice that he was focused on PS4 version. In that case. :man_shrugging:


He updated his guide. He changed the stability for CPS1 and 2 to 96% (taking into account that HF and ST use frameskipping techniques for the faster speed in the arcade versions). Interesting note that filters don’t affect anything unlike previously thought.


Way more people playing on PS4 than all of the other platforms. Not to mention there are a lot of really good players across all of the games on console. I highly suggest getting the PS4 version if you’re having trouble finding games.


I have the PS4 version…


What area are you from? People could be filtering you out, that could be why you’re not finding matches. I have my filter at 3-5 bars. Others could be the same.


At least you can filter. They still haven’t released the patch for the Switch version so if I run into someone with whom I have a bad connection, we’re fucked. No way to filter that person other than to switch games and hope you don’t run into that person again or just stop playing (of which I am doing more of now). The longer the developers wait, the worse it gets. I wonder what the technical issue is that is delaying the Switch patch for so long.


I’m in the EU. I think the player base over here just isn’t as deep. I’ve got my filter at 3-5 bars as well.


Europeans and Australians usually complain about having trouble finding games in SF. They just not about that SF



You need it on Windows 7.

The standard in 30th tournaments should be random games in all matches!!! So you can have SF1 come up…

Just like in the exhibition


you have to change a setting in your console to get matches more quickly. a tutorial is here:



why does this game keep matching me vs laggy players on ps4?
I thought the patch fixed it, but the netcode is still the same -.-


I have to say, since the patch I haven’t had a bad connection with my filter set at 3-5. I’ve only played about seven different people though…


They didn’t make any adjustments to the netcode. All they really did was add the ability to filter.