Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


Pretty sure you can have high bars and also be an wifi, thus having a jumpy connection.


This collection is great offline. I’ve moved on to Cross Tag as the online is much more playable there.


Fightcade isn’t going anywhere. And even if it does, there’s always going to be another option like Fightcade.


Hi, is anyone having problems with their ranking or belt score being updated on the leaderboards? My current actual belt score in Hyper Fighting is 1510 but it’s been showing up as 1340 in the rankings for like so many days now. I’ve also noticed one dude’s belt score drop like 200 points in just a few days from black to scarlet red. They’ve gotta fix this somehow.


According to this:

A lot of people should not be in the top 8 ToL3 qualifiers for Monday, 8/13/2018:

For example, RenoMD already qualified. So the runner up of that qualifying week should be in the top 8 qualifiers…

What does everyone else think???


Mars and Reno have been replaced by their runners up (Ganelon and Hokuto).


Hi people. Is Capcom doing anything like they did with Street Fighter V where they stepped in themselves to punish those ragequitters and dock a huge amount of points off of their score? Because there’s a shitload of cheaters in this game and they’re getting away with it, which is disgusting. At the game’s current state, the penalties are simply not strong enough to deter these cowards from their lack of sportsmanship. With SFV, I believe you can send them a screenshot or even record the match containing the offence. I’m tired of waiting for another patch to fix this bullshit and see many of my legit victories come to nothing. Yes, people have disconnected due to a severe case of lag, but they are rare as hell, and until this netcode is dealt with, I’d rather these sorts of matches be put up with for the time being than seeing a community filled with takers and not givers. If you quit the game once, you’ve forfeited the match and the points should be rightfully awarded to the victor. /rant


I’m pretty sure ranked points are an afterthought in this game. The fact that there is a limited amount of ranked points to begin with pretty much solidfies that.



30th doesn’t let you pick England or China


Yikes; The emulation for SF 30th Anniversary Edition sounds completely horrible!

Why couldn’t Capcom get someone like Hamster or M2 to do these instead of Digital Eclipse?



Iron Galaxy would’ve been the best choice.


I just feel miffed that 3rd Strike still randomly crashes the game when you’re trying to get a match. FIX THAT DUMBASSES!


Man, the XBOne and Steam versions are fucking graveyards online right now. Are the PS4 and Switch versions still seeing activity?


go to fightcade?



Errr, What is “Updated Japanese strings”?


Probably fixes in typos etc


And yet, they don’t update to include PPP/KKK mapping for pad players, probably the most requested change aside of further online fixes :S.