Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4, XB1, Switch, Steam)


Typical non-descript Capcom changelog. They didn’t even mention they’re giving everyone the japanese versions of the offline titles for free.


Really? I just fired up my US copy of the game (after updating, of course) and did not find any option to play japanese versions.


At least in the PC version, if you go into the main options you can select the game version.

Don’t know if there are any version differences. Other than language/censorship buffs, they may be the same versions.

Online versions are the “international” (English) versions from before, but you can play JP versions in Arcade/Vs/Training.

Have not had time to do any real testing or check for improvements. Although I have noticed the main menu seems to be laggier? Games seem to play fine though.


Oh cool, thanks for the response and the images. I have the PS4 version and also went to the general options menu and I could swear I did not see the “Version” option :s.


Man, all these years and I never knew Birdie had a victory pose where he…um…flipped…the…bird HAR HAR


Neither did I! So the US version just removes that win animation altogether or they just modified it?


I believe it’s the one where he pulls out his dagger/comb


Apparently non-japanese steam owners of 30th got updated to the international version accidentally and will be reverted. Very lame.


That sucks. SFIICE has a lot of regional differences.


Wait min they will revert the steam version update ! that’s really lame.

Is it me or the speed is messed up in in the Japanese versions (Arcade Mode)!


They defaulted to T2 for the JPN arcade version of ST when it should’ve been T3. You can change the speed in the options.


Some online matches I’ve been able to record:


My Hyper Fighting Walkthroughs: