Street Fighter 3rd Strike GGPO Tourney


Go here for more info


sign me up there.


sign me up there.


ill join sign me up


ill enter as well

Nica K.O


do it


results are up check here Results


Deadshot, maybe you could make a sign up list for people who are interested in your tourneys. So you can mass PM us with updates, or e-mail. Also, try to get a voicechat or stream for the next one. Thanks :slight_smile:


my forums now have a chatroom so that’s where we will be communicating next time there is a 3s tourney and future tourneys as well but i’ll try to keep you guys updated here as well, but i suggest signing up on my forums :] too


congrats to Nica and Dyne and everyone else in tourney! good shit, guys!


oh worddddddddddddddddddddddddd?