Street Fighter 3rd Strike Online Edition DLC

Hi Fighters.
There’s an article about Street Fighter 3rd Strike Online Edition’s DLC.

I’d just like to give my thoughts on what this DLC could be.
I remember hearing a thing about recording the way top players play in a variety of matches.
And from those matches, interpolating their playstyles using algorithms that will immitate them during fights.

If it’s true, it basically means they’ll be recording these top players so we can play against them. (Or their virtual immitation).

And this sounds like that, and that would be cool!

What do you think?

Should be moved to the 3rd Strike lobby. Paying to watch a match is dumb, especially in this day and age. If it’s matches against J Wong, Tokido, and Amir then it’s pointless. Those guys are rusty as fuck, and J Wong is NOT the best Chun player. Not by a long shot. Now, if they want to use these matches and incorporate player behavior like Shadow Mode in MVC3, then it’s stlll pointless. The instant anything has a set pattern it can be exploited. EG Alex’s Stun Gun Headbutt rapes the A.I. in 3rd Strike, including Gill.

theres isnt anything you can do but make a half-assed version of the event mode implemented in MvC3. Thinking outside the box, they could add the older balanced fighters from NG and 2I to be in play in OE.

I don’t wany any DLC!!

What about rebalance DLC?

No. Why would you want that? It will be DLC. What that means is ‘not free’. Subsequently, what that means is fracturing a small portion of the community who would be interested in 3S.

Rebalance DLC is like breaking the community into halves and forcing people to take a side. No matter what side you choose, you’re going to have friends on the other side who you can’t play with anymore.

I can’t see any gameplay related DLC that would work aside from offline modes like beefed up training mode or new HUD or filters or shit that would only appear locally.

Sorry bmckay but you must be retarded to fall for louis’s troll bait

I think 2i backgrounds would be sick, along with new music.

What I can see them actually doing is charging for a ‘pro’ training mode.

Awesome DLC:

  • Training Room
  • 2I backgrounds
  • Original HUD / art
  • Tournie thing

Wack DLC:

  • Rebalance
  • System Direction
  • Alt colors (Which brings me to a question, at the end of this post)
  • Random extra characters (like Ingrid or Cammy making some cameo, a la Alpha 3 ports)
  • Shadow Battles

Possibly good DLC:

  • More of those “parry training” type things (Like the demo where you can “relive” the Evo 37 moment.

Question: Are the console alt colors, like Chun’s black and Ken’s green hair available in this version?

I really like the tourney DLC. I would SO pay for SBO DLC. I have 07/8/9 but I’d love to get my hands on all of them for my collection.

Hopefully the DLC isn’t outlandish shit like fighting Justin Wong in shadow mode. I’d like the DLC if it was small improvements like adding features to training mode or upgrading some of the new features so they’re even better or easier to use, like the tournament support and Youtube uploading. The other useful DLC item could be a patch that adds anything to the game that we find isn’t “arcade perfect.”

I doubt many people would buy DLC for this.

Alright cool guy. :sunglasses:

what they REALLY should add, is a quick character select option enabling you to switch character and/or super art without having to go back to the main character select menu, basically to make up for the disappointment /excitement all those people at EVO (and us watching at home) had when we all thought that was what we were looking at.

itd be a nice touch for capcom to go and put that in. i doubt it will happen though.

Yeah, I remember that. Everybody was going "Oooh…YEAAAA-wha? A…awwww… :frowning: "

And yeah, I’m really interested in that tourney footage.

This is most definitely the DLC I want to see. A patch to the training mode adding a proper record function would be great too.

My guess for DLC would be the console exclusive extra colors for each fighter. Which would be wack DLC, but that’s probably what they’ll do.

2I backgrounds and music would be cool.

Second Impact stages and music would definitely be worth downloading.

Keep the rebalance garbage to Mash Fighter, I wanna learn arcade 3S.

I thought they’ve confirmed that the console exclusive colors were already in?

If 2I Ibuki and Sean are gonna be, they could balance them out by-
Sean: If Sean can keep comboing into super after his Tornado Kick. Make it so he can only do QCB+KK–>Link to super. Also make his SA3 1 stock.
Ibuki: Make SA3 1 stock but a little longer.

…just my 10 cents >o>

people still bringing this up???