Street Fighter 3rd strike: Online edition

Possible HD graphics? Tweaks/Balance?

Ono said to tell S.Kill what features we want : O

Rebalanced mode would be awesome…

God damn people, quit making multiple threads

Just don’t let sirlin or udon anywhere near the project. SF3 is bad enough as it is.

I actually hope they don’t change anything and just have ggpo network with it.

Balancing would be nice. No more Yun/Chun complete domination. If anything, just give the lower tiers the tools to compete. I think the graphics are fine as is, don’t think it needs any significant tweaks. If anything, the nice MvC2 filters that were used for that game’s conversion to online. Other than that, just online modes, and we’re good.

This is for discussion of SF3s:O only.

Makes sense to have a new game get its own thread rather than clutter one thread with a dozen detailed discussions of different announcements. Not to mention that that thread is titled “Street Fighter IV panel” … and this thread is about Street Fighter 3… >.>

Rebalanced would be awesome, along with good netcode.

Rebalance? Why?

They’re not gonna rebalance sh1t, they’re just gonna put out 3s for psn/xbl with hopefully ggpo type of netcode thee end.

Because I feel bad for people who play Sean and Remy.

The question is, why not? The game doesn’t need an aweful lot done to it to make it more balanced or more varied, a few tiny changes could make the game a lot more playable. Of course, I think bringing a true arcade perfect port would be the best thing to have, but having the option of playing a new rebalanced version would be just as nice.

Totally agree. If there is any lag in the game it’ll just be Chun domination now with her 1490143 frames to hit confirm super while Yun possibly drops combo during Genei Jin

I’m all for a rebalance. Why do you guys want the same game where everyone uses the same two or three characters?

EDIT: If we can make requests, I want to see an expert training mode. Training mode with hitbox display would be nice too.

Hell yeah this is some awesome news! I really do hope they implement balance tweaks so the garbage tier characters can get buffs.

It may be asking too much for Hyper SF3 (where all 3 games can be playable)…

But, at the very least, include all the STAGES from New Generation and Second Impact for use in Third Strike (music included). That would be hot.

Yeah, the stages in the other games were lively compared to the 3S stages. I don’t know why they downgraded the stages.

I’d fuck with all this here. CvS2 is up next. BET IT!!!


If ANYTHING has to be changed, just tweak some damage issues. Have certain characters do slightly less with certain moves and the lower tiers do slightly more damage with certain moves.

other than that, 3S doesn’t need any changes to game play elements at all.

looking so forward to it!!!

LOL rebalance why ?

the game is completely broken, even the fans [like me] admit it.
The damage needs to be scaled down on alot of character moves/supers.
Chunli super x 2 reeks of ryus denjin x 2 in previous iterations
mokoto and urien supers leading to 100% damage/kills is silly too

game needs to be balanced all around.